Hollywood Leaders Discuss Balancing City Budget

The Hollywood Commission is in the process of passing this year’s budget. As in previous years, this budget has been very tight and city staff has had to work very hard to balance the budget.

Some employees have complained that their pay and benefits have not been restored enough to make up for losses suffered during financial urgency. Others complained that lower pay means that employees are not appreciated enough for the work they do.

Mayer Josh Levy would like the city to have more money for repairing roads and sidewalks. He knows the city is working to catch up financially from the time when it was facing financial urgency.

Vice Mayor Debra Case is pleased with the budget. “I think we are doing the right things with the budget. We need to focus on the long range and we need to stay positive. I want to show the employees we care about them. I see success in the growth of Hollywood. I think Hollywood will have better years going forward.”

Commissioner Peter Hernandez said, “Every year, we scrap for money to balance the budget. We are always looking for ways to save money.”

He is aware that police and emergency services personnel are concerned about their pay and benefits. “We have a problem retaining first responders and they are uneasy with the financial stability of the city. This is not good,” he said.

Hernandez has often criticized the Beach CRA and believes it has run its course. He believes the beach is no longer blighted and that the money being spent there should be directed to other areas of Hollywood.

Commissioner Kevin Biederman said he believes the City provides a lot of high-quality services to residents. “We give residents a lot of value for their taxes. We have a lot of parks and we offer full services,” he said.

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Author: Amanda Jones

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