Hollywood Lions Club Celebrates One Year Anniversary

Members of the Hollywood Lions Club got together at the Hollywood Beach Golf and Country Club to celebrate the Club’s one year anniversary and to participate in an Adopt-A-Street ribbon-cutting ceremony. The Lions Club has promised to keep all the streets surrounding the golf course free from trash and debris.

Mayor Josh Levy was pleased to be a part of the ribbon cutting. “It is always good to organizations that participate in our collective mission to make the City better,” he said.

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The Hollywood Lions Club celebrated their first anniversary on May 19. They agreed to adopt all the streets on the perimeter of the Hollywood Beach Golf Course. They cleaned up some of the trash on the streets surrounding the golf course.

Commissioner Kevin Biederman said he was proud to be a part of an effort to improve the City.

Hollywood Lions Club President Rich Aube is very excited about the Club. “This is great, we are proud to celebrate our one year anniversary and we will do some good things in the future,” he said.

The ribbon cutting was held under rainy skies but those who came had a good time. Then they went to the golf course clubhouse for a lunch and the chance to socialize.

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