Hollywood Municipal News Update: Week of July 6

Government News: Week of January 16th

Hollywood Commission agrees to major purchases

The Hollywood Commission approved some major purchases during a recent commission meeting.

It agreed to a resolution to allow city leaders to execute a State of Florida piggyback agreement with Microsoft via SHI International Corp. for the provision of Microsoft licenses and services for three years for an estimated amount of $487,000 each year.

It agreed to a resolution to allow city leaders to execute an agreement with Insight Public Sector for the purchase of two Supermicro servers and maintenance for an estimated amount of $75,000. This is based on the Ommia Partners contract, a cooperative purchase with Fairfax County, Virginia, serving as lead agency.

The Commission agreed to a resolution to allow city leaders to proceed with Tetra Tech, Inc. to provide additional professional engineering services for the stormwater pump stations condition assessments in the lump sum amount of $152,057.

It agreed to a resolution to issue a work order with Hazen and Sawyer for professional engineering regarding regulatory and permitting  matters on an as needed basis in amount not to exceed $100,000.

The Hollywood Commission supported three building projects in the City.

It ranked responses from developers for the University Station which includes a North Tower and a South Tower each with 108 units. These units will include 100 that are defined as affordable/workforce and 116 that are considered market rate. There will be a five or six story garage with 454 spaces and a pool, soccer area and basketball courts. Housing Trust Group received the highest rank and city staff was authorized to begin negotiations with this company.

Pinnacle Communities came forward with a proposal for a mixed use, mixed income project at State Road Seven and Johnson Street on three acres. Pinnacle is applying to the Broward County Housing Financial Authority to be awarded funds to finance this project. At the meeting, the Commission authorized to fund a commitment of no less than $1 million contingent upon the county funds being awarded for this development. It will feature 110 units of mixed-use units with mixed income residents. The building would include 8,000 square feet of retail and 8,500 communal use. The Pinnacle Communities is applying to be awarded funds to complete this project. To apply, the company must receive no less than $1 million in matching funds from the City of Hollywood. 

The Commission agreed to a resolution for a land development agreement with Prestiga Real Estate FJM for the purchase and redevelopment of about 1.8 acres of city owned property located at 2717 Van Buren Street. The work will involve the development of a residential project including a minimum of 78 residential units and associated amenities. It is a two-phase construction plan. The phase one groundbreaking is set for June 2021.

The Hollywood Commission has set the proposed millage rate.

The proposed flat operating millage of 7.4665 mills and 2005 voted debt service millage of 0.2200. With the successful passage of the General Obligation Bonds by voter referendum in 2019, the proposed FY 2021 total millage also includes a voted debt service millage for the Series 2019 General Obligation Bond of 0.2361 mills. This results in a total proposed millage for FY 2021 of 7.9226 mills. The total proposed millage for the City remains unchanged from the prior year.

The residential fire inspection rate will be reduced from $28 to $21, based on the recent fire inspection rate study.

The residential rate for fire rescue assessment rate will remain unchanged at $285. 

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