Hollywood PAL receives 11 new computers donated by Memorial


The Hollywood PAL celebrated the addition of 11 new computers with a special event recently attended by City leaders.

The computers were donated by Memorial Healthcare System and refurbished by the South Florida Digital Alliance (SFDA), an organization that focuses on digital literacy. The SFDA collects and refurbishes donated computers that are then placed in

Hollywood leaders at the dedication of new computers at the PAL building

schools and community organizations.

Timothy Curtin, administrative director for community services for Memorial said, “These computers came off line and we partnered with the South Florida Digital Alliance to repurpose them so they could be used by young people at the PAL.  A lot of kids need access to computers so they can get better grades on their school work,” said Curtin.

James Osteen, Jr. executive director for the South Florida Digital Alliance was glad to see the PAL get the computers. “More information is going online and we want to help everyone have access to computers. We refurbish the computers and place them in various centers. We want to increase access to technology by establishing community-based Technology Learning Centers in convenient public spaces in underserved areas of  the community,” said Osteen.

Young people use computers donated to the Hollywood PAL by Memorial Healthcare System. The hospital system donated 11 computers and the South Florida Digital Alliance refurbished them.

Patrick Agenor, a Hollywood police officer, is the school resource officer at Driftwood Middle School often works with young people at the PAL. “This will benefit young people and help them achieve some of their life goals,” he said.

Before and after the event, teenagers were using the computers.

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