Hollywood People Profile (2nd Installment)

Rudy first hit Hollywood in 1958, staying with his folks at the Hollywood Beach
Resort Hotel. The initial impression stuck and Joel found himself forever coming back
to this Hippest of Hamlets—Hollywood.

and his wife Stacey currently own and operate Rudy’s Pub & Restaurant
located at the Hollywood Beach Golf Resort (1650 Johnson Street, Hollywood).
They took over the spacious venue (with outdoor dining set against a wonderful
pond with a backdrop of the greens) in 2012.

have always loved Hollywood and while many of my peers migrated to Naples,
Hollywood was the place I wanted to be.”

Rudy’s, Joel beamed, “We’re more than simply food and beverage. We have a large
annex that is perfect for gatherings and events. In fact, the Committee of 100
(Hollywood’s movers & shakers) hold their meetings here. We’ve also hosted
art and music events. The Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital Art Fair was held
here. Alissa Alfonso and her Eastside Artisan & Flea have graced our space
and we’ve had some great musicians including Hollywood’s own Larry Joe Miller!”

calls Rudy’s a “neighborhood restaurant,” it’s cozy, it has the aforementioned cool
view, and there’s lots of parking.

the menu is diverse, designed to delight every whim. Rudy’s is reasonably
priced (a nod to their loyal local clientele), the bar is a huge circular set
up, they’ve got nightly specials and the Friday Night Prime Rib is not to be

tuned for a future feature on Stacey!)

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