Hollywood Police Department Acquires 65 Guns from Community Buyback Initiative

Gun buyback at the hollywood police department

The Hollywood Police Department and Fewer Firearms Fewer Funerals Now, also known as 4F Now, recently held a gun buy back event at the Hollywood Police Department. The event allowed anonymous surrenders for owners with guns they no longer wanted.

Those who turned in guns received Publix gift certificates valued between $75 and $250 depending on the type of gun surrendered. One man turned in nine rifles that he had inherited. Others turned in guns they no longer wanted with the resolve that their former firearms would never fall into the wrong hands.

“Our goal is to reduce gun violence. We buy back guns that can be used for crime,” said Douglas Eaton, president of 4F Now. The organization was founded by Parkland community members following the tragic shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Gun buyback at the hollywood police department
Gun buyback at the Hollywood Police Department.

Debi Hixon, who works at South Broward High School, lost her husband Chris Hixon in the tragic school shooting. The beloved athletic director and wrestling coach was killed while protecting students from gunfire. His widow is committed to efforts aimed at eliminating violence and was pleased to see community members turning in guns that could be used to commit violent crimes.

Manny Marino, Assistant Police Chief for Hollywood, said that people are entitled to own guns but if they do, they should take it seriously and be careful.

“With gun ownership comes responsibility. People should keep their guns secure and locked up. There are some people who have guns they no longer want and we were giving them an opportunity to turn them in,” said Marino.

Most of the guns collected at the buyback event will be destroyed. About 65 guns were turned in. Shotguns were worth a $75 gift card, handguns and rifles were worth a $150 gift card, and semi-automatic guns were worth a $250 gift card.

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