Hollywood Police Dept.'s innovative program proves effective at reducing domestic violence incidents

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During a recent Commission meeting, members heard a presentation about the work the Hollywood Police Department has been doing in the past year. One successful program highlighted is its offender-based domestic violence program.

The Hollywood Police Department’s Offender Focused Domestic Violence Initiative (OFDVI) program is the first of its kind in Florida and was adapted from the nation’s first such program in Highpoint, N.C. The program is designed to focus on repeat offenders of domestic violence. It identifies the most repetitive and violent offenders and holds them accountable for their actions.

Hollywood Police implemented the program in May 2015 to pursue justice through all investigative stages, including bond court, trial, sentencing and probation. By monitoring repeat offenders based on the individual rather than the traditional approach of tracking repeat locations, the Department is better able to identify repeat offenders and track their activity when additional incidents occur.

Since the program’s inception, the Hollywood Police Department has seen an average reduction of 22 percent in domestic-related incidents, according to Miranda Grossman, spokesperson for the Hollywood Police Department.

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Author: Amanda Jones

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