Hollywood Police establish Neighborhood Intelligence

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The Hollywood Police Department has established a new “Neighborhood Intelligence” initiative. This is in place at the Beach, East and West districts.              

Police Department Crime Intelligence Analysts assist officers during investigations and provide them with any information of any crimes that are occurring, as well as identifying hot spots and problem areas within the city.  The analysts research, analyze data, communicate with the Neighborhood Team Leaders and Patrol Officers.  They all work together with the goal of keeping the City safe.

Analysts are encouraging residents to speak up if they see suspicious activity or if they have information about a crime to report it anonymously to the Hollywood Police Department. Along with crime data, analysts would also like to integrate what Hollywood residents, business owners and visitors have to say, what they see and hear into their daily gathering of information. This “Neighborhood Intelligence” will in turn help to deploy resources, reduce crime and forecast crime in the future, according to Joann Hussey.

Residents are encouraged to email tips tocrimeintelligenceunit@hollywoodfl.org.  Another way for residents to anonymously report suspicious activity or other types of information that might assist in solving or preventing crimes is to email HollywoodPDTips@hollywoodfl.org. They can also call 954 764 HELP.  

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Author: Amanda Jones

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