Hollywood Police Officer Peggy Smires Promoted to Sergeant

Sgt. Peggy Smires was among a group of Hollywood Police officers who received a promotion. She was promoted from Detective to Sergeant. She has been with the Hollywood Police Department for eleven years.

“It has been a journey. I have learned a lot and I am grateful to have been able to work in specialized units to gain experience. I have been able to see police work from different angles,” said Smires.

Smires is looking forward to serving as a supervisor. “I want people to feel comfortable coming to me if they have a problem. I want to be someone who is approachable,” she said.

Smires will be leading six officers and one civilian on road patrol. Her team will monitor the police radio and delegate who goes where. They will respond to emergency calls. The officers in her area will deal with how to resolve calls and look to her for guidance.

“Every day, we will deal with situations that have never been dealt with before,” said Smires. “We have to be ready for everything at any time. One of our biggest risks is dealing with armed robberies.”

Smires said she is humbled by the opportunity and also excited about her new position. She earned a degree in criminal justice from Florida State University.

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Author: Amanda Jones

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