Hollywood residents will get a new Fire Station 45

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The Hollywood City Commission has just approved the Fiscal Year 2015 operating budget and one of the major items on this budget is a new fire station.

This year’s budget has a 10.5 percent increase over last year’s budget. It includes five debt financed capital projects for a total of $4.275 million over a 5-10 year term. $2,000,000 is to replace Fire Station 45.

Now a number of things will take place. The debt will need to be issued, an engineering study will take place, plans will need to be drawn up, permits applied for and issued, staff and equipment would need to move out, the building will need to be demolished, the site will need to be cleared, then construction will take place. 

And there is a need for a new Fire Station 45. “It would cost most money to retrofit the current Station 45 than to demolish and rebuild it,” said Hollywood Fire Rescue Battalion Chief Chris Del Campo.

The current station is outdated and is not up to code. It is too small and does not have adequate facilities for female firefighters. The new stations will be larger and will be able to handle the latest technology. It will have proper facilities for female fire fighters, more office space and more kitchen space. The new Fire Station 45 will be able to provide better service to residents of Hollywood.

Station 45 is located at 1810 North 64th Avenue.


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