Hollywood's red light camera program faces new scrutiny



The red light camera program in Hollywood is facing new scrutiny. 

The Fourth District Court of Appeal (DCA) ruled that under Florida law, a private contractor could not issue a traffic citation to a motorist. Hollywood has a contract with American Traffic Solutions to run its red light camera program. The case involving Hollywood was filed by Eric Arem who issued a traffic citation after a red camera showed that he had run a red light in Hollywood.

The Hollywood City Commission is now in the process of determining what its next step will be.

This ruling doesn’t just impact Hollywood, it impacts all of the cities in Florida that contract with American Traffic Solutions for red light traffic cameras.  The Ruling was just recently issued, so the Commission will be meeting to determine if it will ask the 4th DCA to re-hear the case again or if the City will petition the Florida Supreme Court to consider the issue, according to Joann Hussey, spokesperson for the City of Hollywood.

The red light camera program has been a beneficial traffic safety program in the City of Hollywood helping to reduce serious injury accidents and it has been a cost effective program.  If this ruling stands, the City will have to look at what it would cost to run this program with more police officers reviewing infractions and whether it’s a program Hollywood can continue to afford, according to Hussey.  

The Commission will discuss its next steps and make a decision about whether to continue issuing citations.

UPDATE: 11/12/14

The Hollywood Commission has authorized the City Attorney to appeal the Fourth District Court of Appeal’s ruling regarding a ticket that was issued to Eric Arem. The City will be filing a motion to re-hear the case “on bunk,” meaning the whole panel will re-hear the case or to certify it as an issue of public importance which then makes it fit for us to petition the Florida Supreme Court. Until an order is final, Hollywood will continue the practice of issuing tickets based on red light violations recorded cameras, according Joann Hussey, spokesperson for Hollywood.

Author: Amanda Jones
Author: Amanda Jones

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