Hollywood Scavenger Hunt set for Dec. 15-17

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The 3rd annual Hollywood Scavenger Hunt presented by Yellow Cab will take place for 3 days throughout the city of Hollywood, Florida from Dec. 15-17, 2017. It’s an old-fashioned scavenger hunt using the technology of today. Participation is free and anyone with a smart phone can play.

Players complete missions by uploading photos, answering questions, scanning QR codes and using GPS check-ins to earn points.

The Hollywood Scavenger Hunt is designed to inspire participants to learn about Hollywood, Florida while having fun, meeting new people and making lifelong memories.

“For someone that has lived in Hollywood one year, I learned so much about the city. It also brought business to local shops (which we tried something everywhere)!! We decided to do about 90% of the missions on bike so it was also a great way to get our exercise in,” shared a 2016 participant.

Fun, family-friendly missions

The Hollywood Scavenger Hunt is designed to inspire participants to learn about Hollywood, Florida while having fun, meeting new people and making lifelong memories.

Most missions are open-ended and you will have until the end of the hunt to complete them. There are however, several that will need to be completed in a specific time frame, which will be specified that in the mission.

Team or Solo Play

If you’re participating with a group, designate one person to manage the Scavify app on their phone.Only the person with the App will get the points for the missions and only one account per team can be used.

The hunt is designed to engage you and your team with new experiences in the community so we think it’s most fun if you go with your crew but all of that is up to you.

How to start

Download the free app “Scavify” in the app store and create an account. Search for the Hollywood Scavenger Hunt. Missions will appear from Dec. 15-17.

The winner of this year’s hunt will receive a new e-bike!

  • 400W MOTOR

For more information, visit  hollywoodscavengerhunt.com or call Hollywood Gazette at 954-962-8180.


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Highlights from the 2016 Hollywood Scavenger Hunt

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