Hollywood seeks developer to purchase vacant lot near Downtown appraised at $1.2 million

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Hollywood is looking to sell the vacant lot located at 1203 N. Federal Highway where a homeless shelter operated by Sean Cononie once stood. The land has been up for sale for over a year and can accommodate a development up to 10 stories high in the current zoning. The land is zoned to allow residential, hotel and restaurant buildings.

Mayor Josh Levy said that he would like to see the property become part of a larger development that might include other properties along Federal Highway. He like to see new mixed use including storefronts on the ground floor and apartments and condominiums upstairs.

The City demolished the homeless shelter in 2015 building and sent out a request for proposals.  There has been interest from investors in the property and City staff has had a series of meetings and correspondence with people interested in the land, but no takers yet.

The property is just under one half an acre and has been appraised at about $1.2 million, according to Hollywood records.  It also included in newly-approved Regional Activity Center area of Hollywood.

In 2015 the City paid Cononie $2,521,800 for the shelter and nine other properties, parcels and additional property leases. Part of the deal included $2,298,200 for the Cosac/Cononie post-closing covenants and agreements to ensure Cononie agreed to leave Hollywood and not move back for at least 30 years.



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