Nativity Catholic School literature teacher Lynne Moore earns honors

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Lynne Moore discovered a passion for writing as a freshman in high school when she was “bitten by the print bug” after composing an article.

She has spent the last seven years spreading her love of writing as a Literature teacher at Nativity Catholic School. Her favorite part of teaching is “watching students of any age make connections – you can almost see their synapses firing as they have light bulb moments connecting a basic plot to high-level literary elements,” she said.

Moore was recently chosen as one of a small number of teachers around the country to attend the George Washington Teacher Institute at Mount Vernon. While living for a few days in October at the famous home of George and Martha Washington, Moore studied the history of the country’s famous Founding Father.

“My undergraduate and graduate programs were focused on teaching literature, so my goal was to return better equipped to bring truth into my student’s literary lives as we delve into historical fiction,” Moore said. “The roots of our democratic republic seem so far away on the timeline, but they are more important than ever to bring into the classroom.”

When she isn’t teaching, Moore is also the moderator of Nativity’s award-winning news magazine, The Knightly News, where she helps students who have been bitten by the same “print bug” develop their abilities. “There will always be a home for good writers, and it’s important to support students who have an interest in telling the stories around us,” Moore said.

The Journalism Education Association honored Moore’s dedication to supporting budding writers by once again naming her a Master Journalism Educator, a title she has held for the past five years.


Moore stayed at Mount Vernon, Washington’s home.
Author: Amanda Jones
Author: Amanda Jones

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