Hollywood Works to Reduce Effects of King Tides and Flooding

Hollywood works to reduce effects of king tides and flooding

King tides and flooding are a reality for coastal residents in east Hollywood. This is when the combined gravitational pull of the moon and the sun pulls water inland and when the Gulf Stream slows, which allows the water to rise even more. 

This year, tides are predicted to peak: Sept 26-Oct 3, 2019. Oct 25-31, 2019. During peak tide Hollywood pumps over 20,000 gallons of water per minute out of east Hollywood’s streets in an ongoing effort to combat sea level rise, and as sea levels continue to rise, more properties will be at risk.

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Hollywood Commissioner Richard Blattner measures the king tides in Hollywood in 2016

So Hollywood is spending about $1 million in grants and city funds to raise four boat ramps at the Hollywood Marina. The incline of the ramps is being raised to prevent water from flooding on to Polk Street.

In addition, voters approved the general obligation bond in March that designates $14 million for tidal flooding mitigation and seawalls to address the issue of flooding.

There are 34 flap gates in the city, 10 auxiliary pumps and two pumping stations deployed around North Lake and South Lake to help address the issue. South Florida’s department of transportation is installing flap gates and line back flow valves along the intracoastal waterway to address flooding issues on AIA.

“Even though improvements have been made over the years, the city understands that more needs to be done,” said Joann Hussey, spokesperson for Hollywood. “We are working with various organizations to help address these issues.”

Sea levels in the Hollywood area will increase by 5.88 inches in the next 15 years, according to the US Army Corps of Engineers. This year, tides are predicted to peak Sept 26-Oct 3 and Oct 25-31.

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