Hollywood’s Historic Preservation Board Denies Complete Demolition of Downtown SunTrust Building

Can Downtown Hollywood’s Historic Designation Survive the City’s Growth?

Hollywood residents with an interest in history made a strong appeal at a virtual meeting board last week to preserve the SunTrust bank building.

After a long debate and a presentation by the developer of the Historic Hollywood Bank Building the Historic Preservation Board declared the site historic and denied the complete demolition request.

“Much discussion from the developer centered around the fact that building is gone. The last I checked it was still there. Anybody else see a building that’s not there anymore?” said Clive Taylor, vice president of the Hollywood Historical Society.

The next step is a presentation before the City Commission. “This war is not over. Make your voice be heard to the mayor and the commissioners for the future of our city’s history,” said Taylor.

Another One Bites the Dust: Old SunTrust Building on the Brink of Demolition
Old SunTrust Building on the Brink of Demolition

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