How Much Does Jelly Roll Weigh? (Timeline by Year)

Fans who have been following his career since his early days in hip hop are aware of the country singer’s ongoing battle with weight issues.

Jelly remembered it as a particularly embarrassing day.

In 2023, Jelly Roll focused on his health and fitness journey, losing a significant amount of weight in two to three miles in the first three months of 2024. Fans have observed his slimmer physique at events such as the 2024 CMT Awards and iHeartRadio Music Awards.


In 2015, Jelly Roll stated that he weighed over 500 pounds. Following a visit to his doctor’s scale, the country singer struggled by turning to more food, drugs, and alcohol.


Jelly shared on his Instagram post that he began working to improve his health in late 2016, resulting in a weight loss of around 200 lbs. The country singer showed the process was gradual rather than quick.


Jelly acknowledged that he had started to overeat and overdrink in 2018, leading to a weight gain of 60 pounds. He made the decision to confront his weight loss struggles once again, hiring a health mentor and sharing his own weekly weight loss results and progress on YouTube.

The person expressed on Instagram their own life of lifelong struggle with obesity and desire to live a normal life, eating healthy and a normal life free from addiction and alcoholism.


Jelly, jelly Roll, despite his weight loss challenges, has found humor in his situation and posted a TikTok in 2021 referring to himself as average fat person, jelly roll said “not your average fat person.”


In a December 2022 interview, Jelly Roll discussed his weight loss journey, his health goals for health and fitness journey for the new year.

In an interview with Music Mayhem, he stated that he plans to prioritize his family and health in the first few months of the year. He mentioned wanting to conquer his own life and health goals, including his weight loss journey, before embarking on a big tour in the middle of the year.


In February 2023, Jelly informed his fans that he was staying true to his promise. He mentioned that he was exercising daily, praying, meditating, and eating healthier to lose weight. Jelly expressed his commitment to bringing his best self to his new album and upcoming tour, highlighting his journey of growth and gratitude.

During his Backroad Baptism tour, Jelly diligently followed his nutritionist’s instructions and successfully lost 23 pounds losing weight in two weeks. This progress and weight loss was shared in an update video posted in August 2023.

October 2023

The country singer revealed his weight loss struggles during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live in October 2023, following his nationwide tour.

November 2023

Jelly wore a black paisley-patterned suit at the CMA Awards 2023.

Jelly Roll attended Jingle Ball 2023 in Fort Worth, Texas on November 28, 2023. He wore khaki pants, a black shirt, and a denim vest for his performance at the holiday concert.

December 12, 2023

Jelly Roll performed at a Jingle Ball concert in Philadelphia wearing a black outfit. He underwent a serious weight loss transformation journey during the summer of 2023, losing 23 pounds with the help of a trainer and losing weight just by exercising with his wife.

The image was taken by Lester Cohen/Getty Images for The Recording Academy.

February 2024

Jelly Roll displayed his weight loss progress on the red carpet before the 2024 Grammy Awards in February.

April 2024: iHeartRadio Music Awards

Jelly appeared on the iHeartRadio Music Awards red carpet with his wife Bunnie and friend Lainey Wilson, looking cheerful and refreshed.

April 2024: 2024 CMT Music Awards

Jelly debuted his weight loss transformation with a new haircut and a slimmer appearance at the red carpet ahead the 2024 CMT Music Awards on April 7. He later provided an update on his weight loss progress.

Jelly revealed in an interview with People that he has lost around 70 pounds. He is dedicated to his fitness routine, doing 2-3 miles of exercise, two to three miles a day, 4-6 days a week. He spends 20-30 minutes in the sauna and takes a cold plunge for six minutes every day. He is also focused on eating healthy at the moment.

He mentioned feeling positive and aiming to lose another significant amount of weight.


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