How much is it to Buy TikTok Followers? (5 sites compared)

How much is it to Buy TikTok Followers? 1000, 500, 100, 5000, 10k

Are you wondering how much is it to buy followers on TikTok?

In this blog post, we will compare 5 different sites that offer this service.

You will be able to compare the price range, the number of followers you can expect, and what type of followers you will receive (real followers or fake followers).

By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of what each site offers and be able to make an informed decision about where you want to buy TikTok followers.

This blog post will answer this question: How much is it to buy Tiktok followers?

Let’s get started!


How much is it to buy 1000 followers on TikTok?

How much is it to buy 1000 followers on TikTok?

Here’s how much it is to buy 1000 Tiktok followers from the 5 best websites to buy Tiktok followers.

As you can see in the table above, most websites sell 1000 TikTok followers for around $29. This is the most common number of followers that people new to TikTok want to buy because it’s often enough new followers to get your content noticed by other TikTok users on the TikTok app. We looked at 5 different websites to find out how much is it to buy 1000 TikTok followers, we tested their services, and we confirm that it’s safe to purchase TikTok followers from these 5 sites, and that it’s legal to buy Tiktok followers.

We bought followers from over 100 websites and reviewed the 20 best sites at this link:

How much is it to buy 500 followers on TikTok?

How much is it to buy 500 followers on TikTok?

Here’s how much it is to buy 500 Tiktok followers.



The prices for this package tend to be the closest to $20. As you can see above, most sites offer 500 followers for around $19-$20 (the average is $19) and typically allow you to buy this amount of followers in increments of 100 or 250.

We compared 5 sites to find out how much is it to buy 500 TikTok followers. So we used these TikTok services from these 5 websites and we confirm that they deliver followers in less than 24 hours. We receive more followers than we bought even, which was nice and is a good way to boost our follower count and speed up our social media marketing efforts on this social media platform.


How much is it to buy 5000 followers on TikTok (5k)?

How much is it to buy 5000 followers on TikTok? (5k)

Here’s how much it is to buy 5000 Tiktok followers.



You can buy 5000 followers on TikTok for just $70 at most sites! This is the highest number of followers people want to buy because it’s enough likes and comments that you can feel confident about your content being noticed, but not so many that your account will be flagged as spam or fake by TikTok.

We took a look at 5 different service providers to find out how much is it to buy 5000 TikTok followers (5k). Buying TikTok followers work this way: you choose your followers package on sites to buy Tiktok followers with instant delivery, you go to the checkout page, and you pay with your credit card or Paypal.


How much is it to buy 10k followers on TikTok? (10 000)

How much is it to buy 10k followers on TikTok? (10000)

Here’s how much it is to buy 10k Tiktok followers.



We manually compared the packages and prices of these 5 merchants to find out how much is it to buy 10k TikTok followers (10000). 10,000 TikTok followers is the maximum that we recommended buying because it’s enough for you to look more popular and attract more followers to your TikTok profile while being low enough of a number that your new followers to still look realistic.


How much is it to buy 1 Million followers on TikTok?

How much is it to buy 1 Million followers on TikTok? (1M)

Here’s how much it is to buy 1 Million Tiktok followers.



Our team looked at the follower packages and prices of these 5 places to find out how much is it to buy 1 Million TikTok followers (1000000). Then, we went ahead and bought Tiktok followers from each site as a test.

Our verdict is that if you buy TikTok followers from any of these 5 best sites to buy Tiktok likes and views, it will give you many benefits. It doesn’t matter how many TikTok followers you are buying, whether it’s 10,000 TikTok fans or just 100. The point is that buying followers from these TikTok growth services will attract more Tiktok likes and more Tiktok views to your account. This is why we recommended that you purchase followers from the best sites to buy Tiktok followers online.


How much is it to buy 100 followers on TikTok?

How much is it to buy 100 followers on TikTok?

Here’s how much it is to buy 100 Tiktok followers.



Last but not least, our customer support team compared various websites to find out how much is it to buy 100 TikTok followers to boost our social media marketing efforts and our organic growth. These TikTok services worked well and we recommend that you buy followers and that you purchase TikTok followers with instant delivery and other social media services on other social networks to boost your organic growth.


How much is it to buy real TikTok followers?

It costs between $20-$100 to buy real TikTok followers, depending on how many real followers you buy. Most of the time these are not inactive accounts that are following you either. It could be that they have just not posted any videos yet but when you get them to watch one of your videos, there’s a good chance they will follow you back because it raised their interest in your profile and what you post on your timeline.


Should I buy real followers or fake followers?

In this way, you can avoid spending a lot of money on fake fans and get real TikTok followers that are genuine TikTok followers, high-quality followers, and legit TikTok followers. Buying followers will help the TikTok algorithm to notice your TikTok account, and it will boost your follower count, boost your organic growth and TikTok growth, which will attract more TikTok followers and Tiktok fans to your profile, and more TikTok views on your videos.


Why is TikTok so popular?

TikTok is a video-sharing platform that has been increasing in popularity as time passes. The app allows users to create and share 15-second videos with friends and other people using the app. It is currently catered towards those who live within the 16-25 age bracket but it may expand as the years go by.

While at first, it was a Chinese exclusive app, now many people from around the world have downloaded and started using this app for various purposes such as entertainment or gaining more exposure online.

Nowadays there are many different apps out there that allow users to buy real Tiktok followers, real Instagram likes or real Facebook likes, and other types of high-quality followers. Buying TikTok followers is no different.

You are able to find an app out there that will provide you with the number of followers that you want with ease. These apps typically do not ask for any kind of personal information before they give you these followers, which makes it easy regardless of your age or where you live.

This is good news for those who are trying to make a name for themselves on this social media app but may be struggling because they don’t have enough exposure yet. There are many reasons why buying followers can be helpful but regardless of if you plan on doing it in the near future, there’s still a lot more to learn about how much it costs to buy followers in TikTok.


Who buys TikTok followers and why?

The type of people that come from using this app and buying Instagram followers and Facebook likes, for example, are typically younger than 25 years old and they also typically don’t live in the US. This is one of the reasons why this kind of promotional tactic can be so beneficial because it matches your target audience without any hassle or stress on your part.


Where should I buy TikTok followers?

As far as how much does it cost to buy followers in TikTok, remember that you should always do your research because not all apps are created equal. Just like with anything else in life, chances are there are several different options for you to consider before making a decision about which app/website you want to go with when it comes to trying out this strategy.

With that being said, if you take into consideration what factors matter most to you and pay attention to them throughout your search process, then there’s no reason you should not be able to find the app that works best for you and your needs.


Why do people buy Tiktok followers?

Buying TikTok followers or similar social media services from sites to buy likes to boost your follower count and TikTok growth can help you gain more exposure on this popular social network and boost your social media presence on other social media platforms too, but there are some things to take into account before making a final decision about deciding on an app or not to buy TikTok likes.


Our process

To find out how much is it to buy real TikTok followers and to see how to TikTok algorithm reacts to it, our team has been buying TikTok followers from 5 different web pages and compared the results on multiple social media platforms.

We got a dedicated account manager and a great customer support team that answered all our questions. This is why we recommend that you purchase followers and that you buy cheap TikTok followers or premium quality followers from the best site to buy Tiktok views, so you can get genuine followers on social platforms and speed up your social media growth.


How much is it to buy fake followers on TikTok?

It turns out that you can buy thousands of followers for just $5. If you need more than 10 000 fake followers, it will cost around $30. To make these non-active profiles look real, they connect a few of them to a Facebook profile, and this way they get some real posts and come alive.


What is Tiktok?

TikTok is a music-sharing and video-sharing social media platform that allows users to share and create short videos. It is very popular with young teenagers who post lipsyncs of their favorite songs.

The best thing about this app is the interaction between different people: you can follow your friends and fellow fans and try to get a lot of followers on your Tiktok account. Do people really buy followers with fake accounts on TikTok?


How do they make fake Tiktok accounts?

They regularly gather new accounts with which they can make more money. I don’t think this is an effective way of making followers because it’s a long-term investment: if someone doesn’t comment on any videos or like/repost content for several weeks – no one will notice them! In order to be successful on TikTok, you need friends who can regularly interact with your posts and make you more popular.


Should I buy fake followers on Tiktok?

Building a profile with bad quality friends makes you look less popular because when people see your low number of likes, they will decide that your content is not good enough.

If you have 5K followers but only 100-200 likes on each post – it’s clear to everyone that this account is fake! I don’t think there are many influencers who want their accounts to seem “not real”.


How do I check for fake followers on Tiktok?

Anyone can check if an account is following or unfollowing so being in the grey area isn’t going to do much good for them. It’s a race for popularity and buying random followings which will never interact with your content is certainly a road to nowhere…

We wanted to know how much is it to buy fake TikTok followers with fake accounts, and we personally wanted to buy TikTok followers instantly from these 5 different sites offering a TikTok growth service for many accounts owned by other users to find out.

So we did and purchased followers from the best sites to buy TikTok followers online.


Can I buy followers on other social media platforms?

Yes. People also buy Instagram followers on the Instagram platform, Facebook likes for their Facebook page, views on YouTube videos, and even post engagements, comments, and other social media marketing services to boost their social media marketing efforts on other social media sites.

Everything you can think of is available online for purchase from the best site to buy Tiktok followers that offer a TikTok growth service and other growth services to all their clients.


How to check if someone bought TikTok accounts?

It’s rather easy to find out. There are certain signs that give away that some followers are fake. For example, people who follow 1000-2000+ accounts don’t normally have an actual profile picture which means they’re either not real or very inactive users.

If their username looks like random numbers and letters without any name, no bio description – it might mean the same thing as well! It’s very difficult to find a person with low activity on TikTok so if you see some, there’s no doubt about them being bots…


Our experience about buying TikTok followers as an experiment

We decided to try out buying TikTok followers as an experiment. We weren’t sure what to expect, but we were curious about how it would work.


Where did we buy them from?

We found a few different services that offered followers, and we chose one at random. We ordered a small package of followers and waited for them to arrive.


How long does it take to get the followers?

Within minutes, our account had more fans! We were surprised at how quickly and easily it worked. We continued to watch our follower count grow over the next few days.


Were the followers real or fake?

We weren’t sure if the followers were real people or not, but it didn’t really matter to us. We were just happy to see our account grow!


More details:

We decided to test out purchasing TikTok followers as a curiosity. We had no idea what to anticipate, but we were intrigued by the concept.


How did we choose a TikTok growth service provider?

We discovered a handful of various services that offered followers, and we picked one at random. We ordered a small number of followers and waited for them to arrive.


Does buying followers work?

We waited a few minutes, our account had more TikTok fans! We were amazed at how quickly and simply it worked. Over the next few days, we continued to observe our follower count increase. This is why we suggest that you buy Tiktok followers too.


15 things to do to get more Tiktok followers

Promoting your TikTok videos on other social media platforms can help you grow a following with high-quality TikTok followers, and can help you get more TikTok likes and TikTok views.

If you have a large Instagram or Facebook following, for example, they might be more likely to check out your videos on TikTok.

Since TikTok is so new and growing in popularity really quickly, many people don’t know about it yet – this means that you can get many TikTok followers if you advertise it to your existing social media fan base. You can also get more fans if you buy Tiktok followers, Tiktok views, or TikTok likes.


1.  Link Your YouTube account

If you have a YouTube channel, linking it to your TikTok account can help you grow more followers.

People who are interested in your YouTube videos might want to check out your other social media too – this is how you turn viewers into followers. Make sure that when you link your YouTube, the icon shows up on all of your social media platforms so that it’s easy for people to find. This icon appears at the top left corner of most pages if you hover over “Settings.”


2.   Use Hashtags on your TikTok videos

Hashtags are important for any social media platform! Using hashtags allows people to find their way to your account and gives them an idea of what kind of content you post.

Using hashtags is a great way to gain many Tiktok followers. Since hashtags are so popular, it’s important that you use the most relevant ones possible. Most of the time this means using hashtags that are specific to your content or your topic – for example, if you post all about beauty tutorials, don’t just use generic tags like #tiktok or #beautyvideo!  You can find some good ideas by looking at what other people in your niche are using.


3. Post Daily on your TikTok profile

People want free entertainment on TikTok, so they’ll be more likely to check out your videos if you post new items daily. This doesn’t mean that every single day you have to post something new – but if you can post something new at least once a week, your followers will stay interested.

It’s also important to make sure you’re posting things that fit with the theme of your account and engaging with other people on TikTok – it won’t help anyone around you if all of your posts are just advertisements for yourself!


4. Engage With Other TikTok Users

TikTok is designed so that users can follow each other easily — there’s no limit to the number of accounts that you follow each day. If you want more followers, look for popular accounts related to yours and start following them!

The simple act of following another person shows them that you enjoy their content, which piques their interest enough so they check out your account too.  If you follow accounts related to yours, their users will follow you back – if not, at least it’s good for community engagement!


5.  Network with Other Active Users

Networking with many users is another great way to gain a lot of TikTok followers after you buy Tiktok followers! If someone follows one of your friends or another account that you’re following, they might be more likely to check out your own content – especially if you comment on theirs first!

Make sure that when you post comments, people are engaging with them by liking or replying.  There are some accounts where most people don’t engage in the comments section at all — these are probably not active users who would make good friends, so it’s best to avoid them.


6.  Post Videos That Engage Other Users

If you’re trying to gain a lot of TikTok followers and want people to come back for more, make sure your videos engage multiple users! You can do this by commenting on other people’s content – engaging with other accounts is a great way to get attention from them and their followers.

However, it can be hard sometimes if people don’t respond to your comments! Make sure that if someone really likes what you have to say about their videos, they’ll give you a follow back!


7.  Use Music From the TikTok Community

Music makes the world go ’round – especially when it comes to social media. If you post videos on TikTok to gain more followers, make sure that you’re using music that’s actually available to use.

There are plenty of great pieces on the TikTok community that other users have created, so all you have to do is find it!

Many people find new songs by checking out what other people in their niche are using — for example, if your account is about beauty tutorials, check out what kind of music popular accounts related to yours are using and go from there!


8.  You should post Short Videos Around the Same Time of the day

When you share social media content with friends or family, does everyone usually see it at once? Or do some people see it earlier or later than others?

The same principle should be followed when you’re posting videos to gain followers – if your followers are spread out all over the world, it might be hard for everyone to see your posts at once! If you post something around the same time every day, people will know when to expect new content from you.


9.  Don’t Oversaturate Your TikTok Posts

Over-posting is a big problem on social media — too much of one thing can be overwhelming for everyone! When you’re trying to gain followers, don’t just post about that account all the time, especially after you buy TikTok followers.

People will get bored with whatever it is that you’re promoting and unsubscribe after a while. Instead, try helping other people by commenting frequently and networking with them — make them want to follow you for more great content, not because they feel obligated!


10.  Post Interesting Creative Content With Great Quality

When it comes to gaining followers, there’s much more to it than what you post onto the app. When people are browsing the Explore page or the Popular feed, they’re not just scrolling through videos – they’re looking at what kind of quality you bring! If your posts are high quality and interesting, people will be more likely to check them out in addition to supporting them with likes and follows.


11. Get Featured by TikTok

TikTok is constantly scanning their users’ content to find the best of the best — so why not submit your own?! It’s incredibly easy to get featured by TikTok, and it’s a great way to gain more exposure.

All you have to do is follow their guidelines and fill out the necessary information they ask for! If you have some original videos on there that are high quality, people who see them will be much more likely to give you a follow back.


12.  Network With Active Users

If you hang around with friends who use social media all the time, chances are good that most of them are active on TikTok!

Make sure that when you’re trying to gain followers, you check in with your friends about what accounts they’re following and what ones you should check out! Not only will it make you feel good to support others, but some of their followers might become your own – this is a great way to gain more exposure at the same time as you buy Tiktok followers.


13. Don’t Skip Out on Using Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to get noticed when people are browsing certain hashtags — many popular accounts find their fame through hashtags! When you’re trying to gain TikTok followers, using hashtags is essential, so don’t skip out on them!

You can use hashtags in the caption of your posts or in the comments section – either one works well. Also, be sure that when you share content outside of TikTok (like on Twitter) and that you use hashtags there, too!


14.  Post Quotes

Quotes are good — they’re easy to remember and give people great thoughts to think about. When you post quotes on TikTok, it has the potential to go viral! Many popular accounts have gained followers because of their quotes, so why couldn’t you?

It’s also a great way to let your personality shine through when you’re having trouble figuring out what else to post about. People love being able to see who they’re following on TikTok by seeing some of their personalities, don’t be afraid of that!


15. Build Your Network Bit By Bit

When you first start trying to gain more followers and you buy Tiktok followers, it might be hard for anyone to support you because people don’t know who you are! One great way to gain more friends is to slowly build your network by supporting others first.

When someone does something for you, make sure that you’re there to support them with a like or a follow back – give back what others have given to you! Be patient and keep practicing this, and eventually, your network will grow into a strong one that everyone wants in on!


Now, do you know how much is it to buy Tiktok followers?

We hope that this blog post answered your question about how much is it to buy followers on Tiktok and that you found our other tips on how to get many TikTok followers helpful. Thanks for reading!


We bought followers from over 100 websites and reviewed the 20 best sites at this link:

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