Hollywood Commission agrees to major expenditures

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The Hollywood Commission approved a number of major expenditures during a recent meeting.

It agreed to purchase two Ford T350 transport vans, emergency light packages and interior vehicle equipment in an amount not to exceed $112,000 and to be used by the Police Department’s SWAT Team.  It agreed to a purchase order between the City and Garber Ford for the purchase of two 2017 Transit Cargo Vans in the amount of $65,994. It agreed to a purchase order between the City and Emergency Vehicle, Inc. for the purchase of interior vehicle equipment in amount not to exceed $38,005. It agreed to a purchase order between Kina Group, doing business as Uniform Wear and the City for the purchase of police uniforms in an estimated annual amount of $99,022.

The Commission agreed to a change order in the amount of $84,055 for Structural Integrity Contractors, Inc. for unforeseen structural repairs to the Van Buren Parking Garage.

It agreed to a contract between Southeastern Engineering Contractors and the City  for the 2017 Alley Resurfacing and Reconstruction program at various locations throughout the City in the amount of $1,159,138.

It agreed to the purchase of six Stalker Lidar RLR-C radars and five Stalker SAM-R speed trailers in the amount of $49,990.

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Author: Amanda Jones

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