University of Miami coach runs football practice at Hollywood Police Athletic League youth camp


A group of young and upcoming football players got together for a morning football camp at the Hollywood PAL athletic field. The camp was run by University of Miami Head Football Coach Mark Richt and many of his assistant football coaches. The players, all middle-school age and below, participated in basic football drills much in the same way college players practice. They focused on basic fundamental skills but there was no hitting since

Players, from younger to Midle-school age learned basic football drills that college players practice. They focused on basic fundamental skills but there was no hitting since the players weren’t wearing any padding.

campers were not wearing pads.

Richt was glad to lead the camp and spend time with young and upcoming players. “I want to show that we love and care for the young people in the community,”Richt said. “We are teaching them basic football fundamentals.”

The University of Miami coaches led the players in various drills and shared their knowledge of basic football skills.

At the end of camp, Richt asked the players if they wanted to play in high school, college and professional football, and all the kids’ hands went up. Richt said when he considers a player for his team, he looks at whether or not they can play a position well enough to help the team win, and if they have good academic grades.

“I also look at their character. I want someone who is a good person and will play with enthusiasm,” Richt said. “I want players who are self-motivated.”

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It’s all about the U for Hollywood PAL athletes, who enjoyed a morning of football practice at camp with University of Miami football coach Mark Richt. The young players ran through many of the same drills Coach Richt uses in college practice.

The players were able to ask Richt questions and some of them asked what it took to be successful as a college player and student. Richt recommended they stay focused on athletics and academics and make positive decisions.

The University of Miami coaches led the Hollywood PAL players in various drills and shared their knowledge of basic football skills.

Trey Scott enjoyed the camp. “This was a lot of fun and I had  good time,” he said. Scott plays in the Hollywood PAL football program.

Evan Jackson said, “This was a good camp and I learned to play the position of cornerback well.”

Amarion Conley, who is getting ready to play high school football said, “This was an awesome camp and I really learned a lot.”

Pat Stevens, president of the Hollywood PAL was pleased with the morning camp and said it was a positive environment for young people.

From the PAL website:
The Police Athletic League (P.A.L.) is a youth activities program run by Police Officers of the Hollywood Police Department and a volunteer Board of Directors for the purpose of:
•Preventing juvenile crime and drug use.
•To provide positive role models for our youth.
•To develop discipline, self esteem and positive moral values through wholesome competition.
•To create better relations through Communication between Law Enforcement Officers and the youth of our community.

The Police Athletic League is a cooperative effort of the Hollywood Police Department, community volunteers, businesses leaders and citizens. P.A.L. is funded by public contributions that go directly to the youth at P.A.L. Money raised at P.A.L. goes to funding first rate programs and to purchase and maintain equipment used by P.A.L. members. Donations enable community youth to participate in Police supervised activities.

Any child, male or female, between the ages of 6 years and 18 years of age can participate at the Police Athletic League. All that is required is a willingness to participate.

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