Hollywood has heART

Gallery 2014, aptly located at 2014 Harrison Street, is not your typical art ensemble. Photographer Elizabeth Sanjuan and philanthropist Ken Brown opened the gallery in 2012 as Fundación Sanjuan, “a non-profit corporation and public charity established for the support of the arts, art education and related charitable causes around the world.” The twosome immediately went about fostering an environment for a […]

REM Master

I’m fond of referring to Mexican born author/artist Maria Palomino as “Bisagra.” The word translated to English means Hinge—as on a door—“something that connects linked objects”—a tool needed for crossing the transom—from one side to the other… Maria is a dreamer—literally—but more often than not hers are dark, foreboding visions. The nightmarish romps began in […]