Meet Hollywood’s Dolores Kirby: One Awesome Octogenarian

Eighty-six year old Dolores Kirby is every bit the wide-eyed, precocious, seductress she was 71-years ago when she won her first beauty contest at the age of fifteen. Born in Chicago in 1930, Dolores moved to Hollywood in 1956. “I married Don, my first husband in Chicago and it was he who suggested we make […]

Hollywood People Profile: Karen Newman Albertson

Karen Newman Albertson arrived in Hollywood when she was but a wee-toddler (3-years old to be exact). Her formal education was provided by Hollywood Central, Olsen Middle and South Broward High (in that order). Karen is currently President of the Hollywood Historical Society, a group she joined in 2007. Her ascension was rapid—from membership to […]

Hollywood People Profile (3rd Installment)

Sufei Chang’s SoFlo odyssey began some four-years ago. But I’m getting ahead of myself… I was hunkered down, bar-side, at G’s Place—Veronica was working the planks… As Veronica is prone to do, the extraordinarily long-haired lass offered me a taste—in this case, a piece from her pack of beef jerky… Now having lived in both […]

Purview of a Pop-Up

Artist/Curator Alissa Alfonso is a practicing pundit of the re-purposing, pop-up proposition. As an artist, Alissa is fond of finagling found objects—from the trash-heap of uselessness—and weaving them into a new found identity of artistic bravado. Alissa and her 1973 Shasta trailer (fully transformed into a mobile art gallery) certainly are known to “pop-up” in […]


Hollywood Boulevard is set to be ghoulishly groovy once again! Zombies and Pirates—Super Heroes and Harlots—a splendid blend of costumes cavort. You simple won’t want to miss this event! Yep, Saturday, October 29th from 9pm—2pm Hollywood officially becomes Hollyweird with live music and costume contests with a numbing $10,000 in prizes at stake… Hollywood hot-spots […]

Hollywood has heART

Gallery 2014, aptly located at 2014 Harrison Street, is not your typical art ensemble. Photographer Elizabeth Sanjuan and philanthropist Ken Brown opened the gallery in 2012 as Fundación Sanjuan, “a non-profit corporation and public charity established for the support of the arts, art education and related charitable causes around the world.” The twosome immediately went about fostering an environment for a […]

REM Master

I’m fond of referring to Mexican born author/artist Maria Palomino as “Bisagra.” The word translated to English means Hinge—as on a door—“something that connects linked objects”—a tool needed for crossing the transom—from one side to the other… Maria is a dreamer—literally—but more often than not hers are dark, foreboding visions. The nightmarish romps began in […]