Author: Robin Kerr Drulard

Meet Lisa Liotta and Jorge Camejo: the heart and soul of Hollywood’s CRA today

What is a CRA anyway? I was excited to meet with Jorge Camejo of the Hollywood CRA. I know he is very respected in the city as a man who gets things done, but what I really wanted to know was, what does CRA stand for and what exactly do they do? When I met with Jorge, the Executive Director of the Hollywood CRA, and Lisa Liotta, the Redevelopment & Operations Manager, I learned about that and a whole lot more. CRA stands for Community Redevelopment Agency. Under Florida law, the local government must survey the proposed redevelopment area...

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Middle school sweethearts celebrate 43 years of business at Masquerade Costumes on Hollywood Blvd.

Her office is decorated in a purple New Orleans Mardi Gras theme, and his is filled with Beatles memorabilia. She takes French and modern dance lessons, and he studies the ukulele. They share a love of travel and do so whenever they can. She does most of the design, buying and merchandising in the store, and he’s the numbers guy, who also buys make-up, masks and boas (the scarves, not the snakes). Who are these people? They’re Indee and Lenny Rapp, long-time Hollywood residents, middle-school sweethearts and second generation owners of Masquerade Costumes on Hollywood Boulevard, and they’re just...

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