The FPL Port Everglades Next Generation Clean Energy Center, which has been in operation for more than a year, is powered by American-produced natural gas.

New FPL Port Everglades Clean Energy Center gifting property tax to Hollywood

The City of Hollywood is about to receive a large windfall in property taxes from the new FPL power plant now known as the FPL Port Everglades Next Generation Clean Energy Center. It has been in operation for more than a year and is powered by American-produced natural gas. During its operational lifetime, the new, […]

With their start in India more than 5,000 years ago, mangos are part of many cultural traditions and folklore. Designs of the fruit, flowers and leaves of the mango tree are still found in Buddhist and Hindu temples throughout India.

Summer in Hollywood means: Mangos from heaven

Yes, it’s that time of year again, South Florida. Time for the sweet, sultry, sun-kissed sensation of mangos – the world’s most popular fruit! Now, maybe you’re overloaded, tired of picking up the bucket loads that fall, stepping on them or maybe even getting them mushed under your feet as you step outside, but oh, […]

Hollywood looks at alternatives to traditional grass yards

Hollywood residents who don’t spend much effort watering their grass yard can develop a yard plan that uses alternatives to traditional turf grass. City staff is testing alternative landscaping ideas to see if some are better for Hollywood residents. City staff recommends grouping plants in any house or commercial property landscape planting plan together based […]

JROTC cadets from across the district participated in the weeklong JROTC Cadet Leadership STEM Camp held on the campus of Florida Atlantic University.

JROTC students learn rocketry at STEM camp

Daliana Hevia enjoys building model airplanes, learning about their movement and how the wings work. Hevia realized her gift while participating in the five-day JROTC Cadet Leadership STEM Camp. During the year she is a staff sergeant and a student in the Military Academy program at Hollywood Hills High School. “I like being at this camp and I enjoy […]

Port Everglades adds five berths for cargo ships

There are major new developments coming to Port Everglades, in which the planned expansion of the port will take place in Hollywood. The Broward County Commission recently approved a $437.5 million contract with Moss/ Kiewit, a managing contractor for development of the Southport Turning Notch Expansion program at Port Everglades. The agreement will allow pre-construction […]

Vice Mayor, Traci L. Callari, presents Myers with an award and recognition of his Eagle Project in Haiti this past year.

Hollywood resident Zak Meyers recognized for work in Haiti; awarded scholarship

With a passion for preserving the environment and commitment to community service, South Broward High School graduate Zak Myers was recognized by the City of Hollywood on March 15 for his efforts to raise funds for solar panels in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Myers is now studying public relations at University of Central Florida preparing for a career with the […]

The developer's proposal calls for plans to develop 105 acres to include golf, a water park, hotels, restaurants, a movie theater, bowling and a zip line.

City considers P3 proposal to redevelop 105 acres of Orangebrook Golf Course

During a North Central Hollywood Civic Association meeting on April 25th, Vice Mayor Traci Callari announced that a major developer has submitted a P3 Proposal to build an entertainment-based amusement park on 105 acres at the Orangebrook Golf and Country Club. The City will not formally accept the proposal until they can ensure that the submission meets city […]

12-year-old leads Earth Day clean-up efforts on Hollywood Beach on April 22

Saving Ocean Life (SOL), committed to preventing beach pollution through organized beach clean-ups and spreading awareness throughout the community, will host an Earth Day event on April 22 at the Carpenter House of Hollywood in North Beach Park, at 4414 Surf Road. “We will get to meet and feed Captain, the newest turtle resident,” says 12-year-old […]

Development plans for Sunset Golf Course have Hollywood neighbors teed off; next meeting set for March 13

On Monday, March 13th at 1:30 p.m. the new owner of Sunset Golf Course will meet with City staff at City Hall on the second floor to discuss his intentions to develop Sunset Golf Course. It is a public meeting. The fate of the Sunset Golf Course has long been debated in the City of […]

Hollywood Commission agrees to a resolution to discourage smoking at the beach and parks

City maintenance crews pick up nearly 40 pounds of cigarette butts every month from Hollywood Beach. The Hollywood Commission and local environmentalists would prefer that people not smoke at these locations, but under current state law, only the Florida legislature can ban smoking in public places. Rather than a ban on smoking, the Commission agreed to a resolution to […]

Hollywood to retrofit fueling facility

The City of Hollywood is working toward having more environmentally friendly fuel for its vehicles. During a recent meeting, the Commission agreed to a contract between the City and Protec Fuel Management to retrofit the City’s central fueling facility to accommodate dispensing environmentally green, ethanol-based E-85 flex fuel and to purchase E-85 flex fuel at […]