A group residents expressed concern about the signs named after confederate generals. Many asked the Commission members to take the signs down and brought signs saying “Take Them Down.”

Commissioner hosts community meeting open to all residents

Commissioner Debra Case hosted a Commission in the Community meeting that offered people a chance to meet with the mayor and commissioners and enjoy some pizza. A group residents expressed concern about the signs named after Confederate Generals Nathan Bedford Forrest, Robert E. Lee and John Bell Hood. Many of the people who spoke asked […]

Activists rallied in front of Hollywood City Hall urging commissioners to change the names of several street signs because their current names are “symbols of hate.”

Five people arrested at demonstration about Confederate street signs in Hollywood

A large group gathered in front of Hollywood City Hall during a City Commission meeting to demonstrate in favor of removing street signs named after Confederate generals Robert E. Lee, John Bell Hood and Nathan Bedford Forrest. Another group of people demonstrated in favor of keeping the signs in place. As the demonstrators on both […]

Photo and interview by Tom Olsen

Meet Virginia: Hollywood resident since 1951

Hollywood resident Virginia Rasor (née Kastner) was born in 1922 in Brier Hill, a small town in New York’s St. Lawrence County that was home to about 200 residents at the time. “My mother passed away giving birth to me,” she shares. “She was twenty-five or twenty-seven, the same as my father.” Five years passed […]

Local barbershop ‘a cut above the rest’ since 1946

Nestled at 110 South 20th Avenue, Hollywood, Florida, between the alleyway and Morningstar Jewelers, sits a cozy little barbershop called Downtown Cuts. Established in 1946 and currently owned by native New Yorker Phil Fuchs, who has been living in Hollywood for 30 years, Downtown Cuts is just one of those gems that helps give Hollywood its magic. […]