Emerald Hills residents will soon be able to vote whether or not they want their neighborhood to be included in a Safety Enhancement District.

Emerald Hills residents to vote on safety enhancement district on a special ballot

A decision for or against the creation of an Emerald Hills Safety Enhancement District is getting closer. Forming the district was again discussed during a recent workshop. Those in favor of the creation of the Emerald Hills Safety Enhancement District are advocating for an extra-duty City of Hollywood Police Officer detail financed by a special […]

Hollywood commissioners are grappling with whether or not to add police patrols in Emerald Hills. Some residents want additional patrols in their neighborhood while others do not.

Commission wants more time to decide whether additional policing in Emerald Hills is necessary

Hollywood commissioners are still not sure whether or not to create an Emerald Hills Safety Enhancement District. During a recent meeting, the City Commission postponed a decision on the matter until the first meeting in July. Some residents want additional patrols in their neighborhood while others do not. During the meeting commissioners discussed various aspects […]

Commission considers Emerald Hills taxing district

Should the City of Hollywood create a new taxing district for Emerald Hills to pay for more police protection? This is the question now before the Hollywood Commission. Some residents are in favor of creating the Emerald Hills Safety Enhancement District because they believe their neighborhood is particularly a good target for burglars. Others believe it would only be […]


Everyone’s Irish at Shenanigans on St. Patrick’s Day!

Meet local home town Irish boy Patrick Utter, husband, father and owner of Shenanigans Sports Pub – the place to have fun! “On St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, we open at 11 a.m. serving corned beef hash and eggs with Eye Opening Bloody Mary’s!” Utter enthusiastically explains that over the course of the day, they serve […]

Establishment of Emerald Hills Safety Enhancement District passes on first reading

The Hollywood Commission passed on first reading an ordinance to create the Emerald Hills Safety Enhancement District. The district will include the section west of 46th Avenue and includes 512 single-family homes. It will come back before the Commission for a second reading likely in April. The Commission wants to ensure enough time so that everyone […]

Update: Confederate street sign debate in Hollywood

At a recent Hollywood Commission meeting, the issue of streets named for Confederate generals continues to develop. During citizen’s comments, a number of people spoke in favor of, and against, revising the controversial street signs. Lunelle Siegel says she’s concerned that efforts are being made to erase U.S. history. She fears the next step would be […]

Emerald Hills homeowners fight to keep golf course

A group of residents who live on or near the Emerald Hills Country Club are organizing to stop the development of an apartment complex in their backyard. Plans call for the construction of roughly 576 rental apartments and 80 condominium units on the Emerald Hills golf course. The developer’s plan proposes building 16 four-story and one eight-story building with […]