Karen Albertson, president of the Hollywood Historical Society, in front of the Rock House at Charles Vollman Park.

Butler Rock House declared historical structure

The Hollywood Commission recently passed an ordinance to amend the zoning and land development regulations to designate the Butler Rock House within Charles F. Vollman Park as an Historic Property Overlay Site. Few examples of coral rock structures from this period still stand in Broward The Butler Rock House was built in 1925, and is a […]

Hollywood Hills residents oppose Chaminade-Madonna’s football field lighting plans

A group of residents recently met with officials from Chaminade-Madonna on Sept. 13 to discuss installation of lights at the school’s stadium. Chaminade-Madonna is lobbying for the lights so that they can hold football games in the evenings when it’s cooler. At the moment, Chaminade-Madonna hosts their football games at 4:00 p.m. on Fridays, where […]

Update: Confederate street sign debate in Hollywood

At a recent Hollywood Commission meeting, the issue of streets named for Confederate generals continues to develop. During citizen’s comments, a number of people spoke in favor of, and against, revising the controversial street signs. Lunelle Siegel says she’s concerned that efforts are being made to erase U.S. history. She fears the next step would be […]

Hollywood Carvel celebrates National Ice Cream Day with BOGO soft serve July 17

Carvel announced today that in celebration of National Ice Cream Day on July 17th, guests will be able to purchase any size soft ice cream cone or cup and get a second for free at participating locations. Carvel is giving this year’s promotion a new twist by asking Americans how they most enjoy eating their […]

Hollywood’s Puppy Palace protesters speak out at city meeting

UPDATE:  The ordinance is due back before the Hollywood Commission Weds., June 1, 2016 at 1:45 p.m. at City Hall. Local animal activists let their voices be heard at a recent Hollywood Commission meeting to urge prohibition of the sale of so-called “puppy mill” dogs in retail pet stores in Hollywood, and switch to a humane business model. […]

First Sergeant Manuel Valdez, Hollywood Hills High School Awarded Governor’s Shine Award

First Sergeant Manuel Valdez was awarded the Governor’s Shine Award on November 10, 2015, during a meeting of Florida’s Cabinet. He teaches Leadership Education Training courses to cadets at Hollywood Hills High School. Valdez was among seven outstanding educators Governor Rick Scott recognized with Governor’s Shine Awards. In honor of Veterans Day, all of the […]

Hollywood Hills High School Military Academy JROTC Drill Team Ranks Among the Best in the Nation and State

  The Hollywood Hills High School Military Academy JROTC Drill Team made Broward County history by competing in two major competitions on the same day, ranking among the best in the nation and state. On April 11, 2015, the Hollywood Hills Military Academy JROTC Drill Team split into two divisions – one that would compete […]

Not your average cancer story: Hollywood Hills resident shares her “Breast Choice”

You know you’ve seen them before.  Heck, they practically have their own genre: “cancer stories”.  A mom, or perhaps a teenager, faces a devastating diagnosis and proceeds through the five stages of grief before finding peace and teaching us all timeless spiritual truths.  It’s as old as Brian’s Song, The Bucket List, The Fault in our Stars, Love Story, The Doctor, and Sweet […]