Hollywood Lakes residents residents call for less traffic near 13th Avenue

Neal Rosenblum, a Hollywood Lakes resident who lives on 13th Avenue, believes there is too much traffic driving through his neighborhood in order to avoid more congested streets like Federal Highway and U.S. 1. Rosenblum says too many drivers are using 13th Avenue as a cut-through street. This includes cars, delivery trucks, fuel tanker trucks and trucks hauling […]

Winner of the Flamingo Decorating Contest, "The Dancer"

Flocks of flamingos are focal point for Hollywood Women’s Club fundraiser

The Hollywood Women’s Club recently kicked off a flamingo decorating contest to help launch its annual holiday fundraising event, Flocking Lawns Around Hollywood. For a donation of $25 or more, a flock of 25 flamingos will mysteriously appear on a neighbor’s, friend’s, family member’s or business lawn (each flock is later removed during the early evening hours). […]

Commissioner Dick Blattner at the Oct. 16 king tide event

Hollywood mostly unaffected by king tides; flap gates alleviate flooding

The City of Hollywood was spared significant flooding from king tides due to the flap gates installed around North Lake and South Lake. These flap gates prevented the high tides from rushing into the City’s underground drainage system. Hollywood staff is monitoring the drainage system and will continue to deploy auxiliary pumps in strategic locations […]

Hollywood Lakes resident shares love of glassblowing with the community

It breaks, it bends, it even molds… it’s hot glass! And if you want to see this ancient art in action, visit Hollywood Hot Glass at ArtsPark on Young Circle for a mind-blowing spin. Hollywood Lakes resident Brenna Baker came across the space at ArtsPark while vacationing from New York. “I was visiting a friend for the weekend […]

Update: Confederate street sign debate in Hollywood

At a recent Hollywood Commission meeting, the issue of streets named for Confederate generals continues to develop. During citizen’s comments, a number of people spoke in favor of, and against, revising the controversial street signs. Lunelle Siegel says she’s concerned that efforts are being made to erase U.S. history. She fears the next step would be […]

Photo by Carlos Perez

Hollywood Lakes resident has a dance party Tuesday mornings, and everyone’s invited

Growing up with parents in Ice Capades, Hollywood resident and Zumba instructor Deena McDaniel says she’s had a ‘show biz’ background from the very beginning. “My flare for rhythm was obvious by age two as I was learning to ice skate.”  She’s taught dance and fitness choreography dance for 25 years; but, she fought teaching Zumba for […]

Hollywood Police Department is distributing SmartWater kits in select neighborhoods in Hollywood

Hollywood residents who want another tool in protecting their property from burglary will now have one. The Hollywood Police Department is introducing SmartWater CSI, a crime prevention strategy that is designed to deter thieves. SmartWater offers a forensic taggant. It is a liquid that looks and feels like water and comes in a kit that […]