Update: Confederate street sign debate in Hollywood

At a recent Hollywood Commission meeting, the issue of streets named for Confederate generals continues to develop. During citizen’s comments, a number of people spoke in favor of, and against, revising the controversial street signs. Lunelle Siegel says she’s concerned that efforts are being made to erase U.S. history. She fears the next step would be […]

$16 million Johnson Street Complete Streets Project slated to begin in 2021

Hollywood residents recently came together at City Hall on June 29 to learn more about the upcoming Johnson Street Complete Streets Project. They had an opportunity to meet with the officials who are leading the project and learn about what is being planned. The project involves the rebuilding of Johnson Street with one travel lane […]

Don Cotton’s story of transformation and hope continues to guide those experiencing homelessness

Don Cotton had hit rock bottom. He was homeless, on drugs, out of jail, and in prison. Most people would have given up, decided that there was nothing else they could do to get themselves out of this destructive cycle. Cotton, however, is not like most people. After serving his sentence in prison, Cotton went […]