Halos in Hollywood (FL)

Local artist/impresario Alissa Alfonso’s social conscious contributions are well documented–from her photo shoots and philanthropy at the HSBC (Humane Society of Broward County) to her eco-friendly installations and events throughout SoFlo. Whether a pop-up gig or one of her East-side Handmade marvels. Alissa ought to be heralded as a re-purpose, recycle, reach out provider. My fly on the wall whispers of an August event in Hollywood (more to come) and another bangin’ Eastside Handmade bash at Rudy’s (Hollywood Beach Golf Resort) in October…

tumblr_inline_oa7oloYa2w1upgrjk_540 Halos in Hollywood (FL)
tumblr_inline_oa7omdOc9X1upgrjk_540 Halos in Hollywood (FL)

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