This will have the most effect on Vice Mayor Peter Hernandez who owns Govea Trucking and has been contracting with Hollywood for about 13 years.

Hollywood Commissioners no longer able to do business with the City

Residents who serve on the Hollywood Commission and own businesses will no longer be able to enter their businesses into contracts with the city. This will have the most effect on Vice Mayor Peter Hernandez who owns Govea Trucking and has been contracting with Hollywood for nearly 13 years. The ordinance approved last month came […]

Businesses on western perimeter of Young Circle soon to face new “right-of-way” fees

Businesses along the western perimeter of Young Circle are soon to face new “right of way” charges. Restaurants on the western stretch of Young Circle with tables on Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) owned right-of-ways are going to feel the effect of this revision. Businesses that make use of their sidewalk space by adding extra seating on […]

Downtown Hollywood artist community offers studio space, art classes and exhibitions

L.Mercado Studios, a working artist community in Downtown Hollywood, has burst onto the arts scene with a full house of Artists in Residence, an array of art class offerings and a Visiting Artists Exhibition scheduled for May 21 during the 3rd Saturday of the Month Downtown Hollywood ArtWalk. Hollywood residents Dorandy Mercado and Laura Gasper, […]

The Rolon Group expands business operations in Downtown Hollywood

The Rolon Group, a management company that provides value-driven, business-focused marketing and marketing solutions through its four specialty brands, recently expanded its operations into the SunTrust Bank building at 2001 Hollywood Blvd. in Downtown Hollywood. The Rolon Group was founded in January 2014 by Anthony Rolon, who has been a resident of Hollywood for eight […]

Cities, County Fight Over $100-Million

For nearly thirty years, Broward’s garbage disposal was a marriage of convenience between cities and the County government. Residents in 26 of the 31 municipalities have paid hundreds of millions of dollars to build and operate facilities for the disposal of solid waste, which the County gave away to the private contract operator. Thankfully, there […]

City of Hollywood agrees to contract with Police officers

The City of Hollywood offered its police officers pay increases over the next two years. Officers will receive a 13.7 percent increase, sergeants will see an 11.7 percent increase, and lieutenants will receive an 11.8 percent increase. The overall average increase for each officer is 13.35 percent. Individual circumstances may vary. The contract between the […]