Innovative Downtown Hollywood Cryo Spa Celebrates Grand Opening on May 30

Innovative downtown hollywood cryo spa celebrates grand opening on may 30

Hollywood Cryo Spa, a new downtown business specializing in cryotherapy and other services designed to enhance beauty, performance and recovery, invites the community to attend its May 30 grand opening and take advantage of special introductory offers.

Jeff and Evelyn Newstat opened the state-of-the-art Hollywood Cryo Spa on April 12 at 1892 Polk St. Cryotherapy (or cold therapy) involves localized or general exposure to sub-zero temperatures that boosts cellular survival, strengthens the immune system and relieves pain to achieve various physical and mental health benefits. Cryotherapy is used to reduce inflammation, increase blood circulation, heighten sports performance, speed up recovery following an injury or surgery, lose weight, and improve mood imbalance and overall holistic wellness.

Innovative downtown hollywood cryo spa celebrates grand opening on may 30

Hollywood Cryo Spa’s services include localized cryotherapy treatment of pain and/or inflammation; whole-body cryotherapy in an enclosed “cryo chamber”; Cryo T-Shock Body Contouring; the Cryo Facial Lift, known as a “nonsurgical facelift”; and the rejuvenating Cryo Glow Facial. The spa also offers an infrared sauna that uses light to create heat; Celluma LED Light Therapy, which targets pain, wrinkles and acne; NormaTec Compression Therapy that aids in recovery and rehab; and Magnetic Resonance Therapy inside a device called a Magnesphere, which balances the autonomic nervous system with extremely low-level magnetic fields.

Hollywood Cryo Spa might seem like an unusual venture for the Newstats. They currently also own a preschool, and Jeff is an Army veteran and former Broward Sheriff’s Office Deputy, but the couple’s introduction to the services they now offer at Hollywood Cryo Spa was a personal one. Evelyn Newstat’s mother was suffering from various ailments when she turned to Magnetic Resonance Therapy for relief – and found it.

“My wife and I were so interested that we contacted the company that makes the equipment, did our research, and then we were sold,” Jeff Newstat said. “We like different holistic approaches –nonsurgical, nonmedical treatments. And everything that we offer, we’ve tried ourselves. We’re firm believers that we have to try something and like it before we can sell it to somebody.”

Hollywood Cryo Spa’s clientele includes all ages and ranges from pro athletes to a child with an ankle injury. Newstat said he’s already getting repeat business from clients who have found a soothing, “earth-friendly” environment where they can relax, recover and rejuvenate.

“They love it,” he said. “They love the place and they love the service.”​

The Newstats chose Hollywood’s historic downtown arts, music and entertainment district as the home of their new business largely because of the ongoing revitalization there.

“I believe Downtown Hollywood is an up-and-coming area,” Jeff Newstat said. “The whole area is being revitalized, so I see the vision there. I really like Downtown Hollywood.”

Hollywood Cry Spa is open Monday – Friday from 10 am to 2 pm and 3 to 7:30 pm, and on Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm . Three-hour free parking is available northwest of the spa in the Polk Street lot. The ribbon cutting ceremony with the Greater Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and grand opening party, with refreshments, will be held from 5 to 6:30 pm on Thurs., May 30.

Hollywood Cryo Spa’s introductory offers include buy one, get one specials on single treatment sessions (Cryo T-Shock Body Contouring excluded) or 10 percent off packages. For more information, call 954-800-1892 , or visit, or

Author: Amanda Jones
Author: Amanda Jones

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