Is Manchester safe to live in and travel to?

Is Manchester safe to live and travel to?


Is Manchester safe to live in and travel to?

The answer is yes.

It ranks at number 201 out of the 300 safest cities in the world, which means that you are much safer living there than in most places!

Manchester is a great place to visit and even better for people who want to live there. The crime rate is low compared with other major cities so it doesn’t really affect day-to-day life. Plus you get all of the benefits of living in a big city but without the stress.

Just remember to use common sense when getting around the city, don’t walk alone late at night, avoid isolated areas and if something doesn’t feel right, leave the area as fast as possible.

Here are some quick answers related to safety in Manchester.


1. Is Manchester safe to live in?

Yes, there is not much danger when living here. The only thing you have to worry about is pickpockets at Piccadilly station or antisocial behavior on public transport. Other than that it’s a pretty safe city.


2. Is Manchester safe to travel in?

It’s a fairly safe city, but there are certain areas to avoid, such as Harpurhey – which was voted one of the 13 most deprived areas in Europe.


3. Is there a lot of crime in Manchester?

Not really unless you eat at dodgy fish and chips shops or hang around with drug dealers.


Which areas of Manchester are the safest?

Manchester areas that report the lowest number of crimes are thus the safest. Firstly you have Rusholme which reports 2% of incidents from the above list. Chorlton, Fallowfield, and Didsbury are not far behind at 3%. Gorton reports 5% of incidents, Withington 6%, Levenshulme 7%, and Stretford 9%.

The various areas in Manchester experience different amounts of criminal activity and break-ins. Some residential areas that are considered to be the safest like Chorlton report the lowest of crime whereas Gorton reports 14% of crimes.

The most dangerous areas are Moss Side, Longsight, and Hulme which report the highest number of incidents from 7 out of 10 categories of crime listed above. Blackley is not far behind at 6%. These areas also experience high levels of anti-social behaviour. Another area is Cheetwood which reports 5% of incidents.


How safe is Manchester to live in?

If you look at the crime statistics and then compare it with the actual amount of people who have been a victim of crime, you will find that living in Manchester is actually very safe. For example, although Moss Side reports 7 out of 10 types of criminal activity, the actual number of people who have been a victim is very low due to the size and population of this area.

Another example would be Levenshulme which reports 7 incidents and an even lower amount of people who have actually been victims.

Manchester as a whole is very safe with regards to violent crimes such as mugging and robberies because the number of people who have been a victim is very low. In fact, it ranks at 19 out of 50 cities in the UK with the lowest amount of violent crimes. You are twice as likely to become a victim if you live in Rochdale or Blackpool than Manchester itself.


How safe is Manchester to travel to?

In general, you don’t have anything to worry about when traveling from one area of the Manchester city centre to another area of the city, like South Manchester, the Northern quarter, the gay village, Cheetham Hill, or the Manchester airport. Some areas might be a bit dodgier than the others so don’t walk around at night time on your own. You should use common sense and follow some tips here:

– Avoid carrying large sums of cash on you.

– Don’t wear anything that will attract attention to you e.g expensive watch, earrings, etc.

– Pay attention to your surroundings and if it doesn’t feel right, move away from the area or go back in a cab.


Is there a lot of crime in Manchester? Is Manchester rough?

Manchester has the reputation to be a rough city, but it is still a safe place to live in.

Crime rates across the UK have been falling in the past decade and this is especially true for Manchester. Violent crimes like mugging, assault, and targeted robberies have been reduced by 41%

The rates in Manchester are lower than most major cities in the UK with the exception of Glasgow, Birmingham, Liverpool, and Nottingham which all report more criminal troubles than Manchester. They all experience higher amounts of thefts from vehicles than Manchester though.


How safe is Manchester compared to London? Is Manchester safer than London?

In general, Manchester is not as safe as London, but it is a lot safer than other cities like Paris where you have to watch out for pick-pocketing and mugging everywhere. If you compare Manchester’s statistics with the rest of the world, it ranks at number 201 out of 300 which is much safer than most cities, and it’s almost the safest city in the UK.


Which areas in Manchester are not safe?

The areas that are not safe in this large city are Moss Side, Longsight, and Hulme. These areas report a high number of crimes from all types but they don’t have a large population living in them which is why the actual number of people who have been victims is low.


Is it safe to walk in Manchester at night?

Using common sense and following a few simple tips can keep you very safe when traveling in Manchester:

– Avoid walking around the streets on your own at night time or if you do, stick to well-lit busy streets. Be aware that walking with friends is always safer in Manchester, in London, or anywhere else in the United Kingdom.

– Don’t carry large sums of money on you. Leave your wallet at home and take out only what cash you need.

– Don’t have your phone or iPod out. Wait until you get to a safe place before taking them out and if it doesn’t feel right, walk away from the area as fast as possible.


Is Manchester safe for students?

Yes, many international students come to Manchester to study, because it’s a safe city and it has a lot of entertainment for students. If you want to stay safe when studying and living in Manchester, follow these very simple tips:

– Get to know your neighbours so you can look out for each other.

– Always lock your front door and any windows if you are leaving the house or going to bed at night time.

– Don’t leave tools or ladders outside which might encourage thieves to try and break into your house.

– If you see something, say something! If you hear someone trying to break into your neighbour’s house, call the police. It might be nothing but it could save them valuable time which can stop a crime from being committed.


How do the locals feel about the safety of Manchester?

If you are wondering how safe is Manchester, when asking around for people’s opinion on the safety of Manchester, most of them agree that they feel very safe living in their neighbourhood. They all said that it was important to stay vigilant and keep themselves out of trouble by avoiding getting into dangerous situations but generally couldn’t think of any major issues which would affect their day-to-day life.


Overview of what it’s like to live in Manchester city center

When you’re out and about in the hustle and bustle of Manchester, don’t be surprised to see drug addicts sitting there with their needles sharing them with others. These people aren’t evil or dangerous; they’re lost souls who need help from society instead of being pushed outside where they feel unwelcome because of the stigma that surrounds addiction. The best thing you can do is give up some food or money for these unfortunate human beings if it’s going to make your walk more bearable. But under no circumstances should anyone ever allow themselves to be dragged into drugs thanks to interactions made on the street.

If you plan on catching a train at Piccadilly station, you might want to ask the locals how it’s best to avoid pickpockets. These thieves are known for nicking iPhones and wallets of unsuspecting travelers. But if you’re vigilant enough, you can make all your money and valuables stay where they are by using your common sense.

For more serious crimes, especially those involving violence or burglary, these things aren’t as prevalent in Manchester as they are in other UK cities like London. If anyone ever tries to hurt you or steal from you then don’t be afraid to involve a police officer right away because that is one of their primary duties! Do not let fear intimidate you into thinking that reporting a crime will get in the way of doing what you came there to do.

The best thing to do is not worry so much about the crime rate of a city and instead focus on what kind of activities you want to have while you’re there. If you plan on going out clubbing at night, then don’t go alone because that can be dangerous if someone tries to take advantage of an intoxicated woman or man leaving them vulnerable. In Manchester, it’s usually safe enough for both sexes to walk around by themselves as long as it’s during the daytime or before midnight. Also, avoid wearing anything that might identify you as being from another country like a Liverpool FC jersey (Manchester United and Everton fans don’t like each other!).


Greater Manchester city centre has been voted Europe’s UK Destination by Trip Advisor

Tourism is the backbone of Manchester’s economy because you don’t have to look very far to find the best shopping in the UK. Whether you’re looking for high-end luxury clothing stores or affordable high street shops, they’re all there ready to provide you with excellent service while making your wallet lighter since everything is reasonably priced! You won’t believe how many people are lining up at various food booths that are set up along Piccadilly Gardens when it’s raining outside so keep an eye out for them too! The takeaway food in Manchester was voted by some as being even better than New York City in terms of taste and quality so whatever cuisine you crave will be satisfied in this city.


Is Manchester a good place to live?

Yes. Manchester is a major city that earned its status as the first UNESCO City of Literature because it’s one of those places where culture is deeply ingrained in its people. From the 350-year-old Chetham’s Library to the Halle Orchestra, you can see that you’re surrounded by history wherever you go! There are plenty of theatres and museums that will take up your time if you want to learn more about art or music. It might be compact but there’s still so much to do here so don’t waste any more time scrolling through this article! And don’t forget to visit the legendary Curry Mile restaurant.

One of the biggest questions that Manchester locals and travelers alike want to know is whether or not it’s safe to live in and travel to. The truth is, there are parts of Manchester where tourists might not feel as comfortable as they would in other cities around the world. But Manchester has a generally low crime rate compared to other UK cities.

People living in Manchester should not be afraid to walk through their streets because of a little bit of graffiti or a few boarded-up buildings which have been left vacant after being bombed during World War II.

There’s no need for alarm because what has been said about London definitely doesn’t apply here as this city is as safe as any other city in Europe as well as North America!


In conclusion, Manchester is a very safe city to live in and travel to in the United Kingdom. It might not be as clean or beautiful as other major cities, but it’s not an unsafe place and the crime rate is low which means you don’t have to worry about being involved in any dangerous situations. Just remember to use your intuition and you’ll be absolutely fine.

– Avoid walking around alone at night time or stick to well-lit busy areas in Manchester city centre.

– Don’t carry large sums of money on you at any time, of course.

– Be careful around houses that look like they are being renovated because there could be tools or ladders left outside which might attract thieves.

– If you see something or if you are concerned about your safety, say something to the police! It might not be much effort from your side, but it could save someone’s life if they are at risk of being involved in an incident or a fight.

If there’s something else I didn’t mention here or if you’d like to hear more stories about safe areas and bad areas in any town of England or anywhere in the United Kingdom, feel free to ask me in the comments below so I can update my answer accordingly for other tourists visiting Manchester. It would be a pleasure to help out since I was born and raised here so I know the place like the back of my hand!

Thank you for reading this article and I hope that it answers your questions! Good luck on your travels, don’t forget to have a safe journey! 🙂



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