Is Your Business Still Open?

Is Your Business Still Open?

It’s been a rough couple of months.

Applying for the backlogged EIDL, waiting for PPP approval. It’s been overwhelming for all of us.

And as far as we can tell, “business as usual” may never be the same again. At least not how it was before the pandemic.

Industries will die, while others will change policies, rise and thrive.

Here at Hollywood Gazette, we’ve made the decision to stop printing and mailing the paper for the foreseeable future.

But we still have a thriving online community and we are looking for feasible ways to keep the website up and running. We’ve never offered #SPONSORED social media posts before, but the times have found us.

Bottom line– small businesses will pivot and adapt or risk becoming another casualty of COVID-19.

  • We will to get “back to business” at some point.
  • It’s mostly up to us as citizens and business owners to continue to protect the public health of our communities.
  • So if you’re open or planning to open soon, let us help you get the word out with a social media post.
  • The community wants to know how they can best support your local business and what you’re doing to keep them safe if they visit.

When You’re Ready to Re-Open…
Kick-start your ‘new normal’

with hyper-local online marketing

Is Your Business Still Open?
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Is Your Business Still Open?
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Getting Back to Business in Hollywood

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