Join the 2nd annual Be Mine dog show at Hollywoof dog park


Bring your prize pooch and your human friends and family for a celebration full of fur-friendly fun at the second annual “Be Mine” dog show from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. Feb. 11 at Stan Goldman “Hollywoof” Dog Park, located at 800 Knights Road in Hollywood. Proceeds from the event benefit the Hollywood Council of Civic Association’s Pete Brewer Scholarship Fund.

The fund began at the end of 2015 and is administered by the Hollywood Council of Civic Associations. It is named for Pete Brewer, who died in 2015 and was a longtime city resident who believed every Hollywood child deserved a good education and championed efforts toward that goal.

The continuing rise in the cost of post-high school education can put pursuing vocational training, community college or a university degree out of the reach of some Hollywood graduating seniors. Hollywood’s per capita income is $26,118, almost $10,000 less than that of Fort Lauderdale. The median household income is $46,419. This doesn’t leave much left over for parents to help pay the costs of additional education.

Organizers say the dog show itself is meant to be a fun and affordable event for the community that calls attention to this issue.

Entry fee is $5 per event, and proof of current vaccinations is required. Contest categories include: Best Costume, Hardest Trick, Most Unique, Longest Tail, Most Obedient, Best Dress-A-Like, Best Look-A-Like, Best Kisser, Most Athletic and others. It’s a family event with raffle prizes, vendors and a silent auction.

This year, organizers are offering corporate sponsors that give $500 or more the option to display a banner at the show. Monetary donations of less than that will be acknowledged in the “Support our Sponsors” page of the dog show program and on the Association’s website. Donations of goods will be part of the event auction and will be recognized in the program and on the website as well. Organizers are asking for a minimum donation value of $25.

For information on the event or to be a vendor, visit the Association’s website or email

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