Keith Johnkins wins October 2019 Diamond Service Award

Keith johnkins wins october 2019 diamond service award

Keith Johnkins received the 2019 October Diamond Service Award. He is a Senior Field Technician and has been a valued City of Hollywood employee for the past 17 years in the Department of Public Utilities in the Underground Utilities Division. He was recognized for his superior work habits, professionalism and dedication to his craft.

This is a credit to his commitment to public service. Keith’s ability to perform, in a wide variety of unpredictable, dangerous and difficult circumstances in commendable. Johnkins was recognized during a recent City Commission meeting. He was nominated by his co-workers.

When Johnkins received the award he said, “I thank everyone at Underground Utilities. This is a team award.”

Other nominees include:

  • Patrick Agenor – Police Officernominated by Major Derik Alexander
  • Ernesto Carreras – GIS Administratornominated by Jaime Hernandez
  • Lawrence C. Elmhorst – Latent Print Examiner –nominated by Lazaro Fernandez
  • Michael Maalouf – Fire Lieutenant – nominated by Lt. Travis Rinehart
  • Rolando Rodriquez – Building Compliance Officer– nominated by John Chidsey
  • Lawrence Schram – Permit Services Representative- nominated by Mircea Balean
  • Donald Stout – Utilities Engineering Inspector – nominated by Gregory “Sparky” Mullenski

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