Khallia Kite Day Brings Families Together

Khallia kite day

The Khallia Kite Day recently took place at the Dr. Martin Luther Community Center in Hollywood. The event was held in honor of Khallia Hollis who died to gun violence. An important goal was to bring people together to enjoy a positive event. Those who came worked together to build kites and then flew them.

“We are bringing awareness to importance of suicide prevention and an end to gun violence,” said Monalisa Weber, a leader of the event.

Khallia kite day
Khallia Kite Day activities included kite making and a piñata.

Parents and children had the opportunity to work together in a positive environment. They built kites, then had an opportunity to fly the kites together. The children could also participate in a pinata activity. There was a barbecue lunch and attendees enjoyed spending time together. Weber said the event was successful and around 400 people came.

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Author: Amanda Jones

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