Latinos in Action at Hollywood Hills

Latinos in Action at Hollywood Hills

The Latinos in Action program at Hollywood Hills High School is getting underway. It offers leadership education to students, many of whom are from Latin American countries.

They hold various events during the year, including a pageant. An important goal is to empower the students.

The high school students go to local elementary schools and offer tutoring and mentoring to the younger children there.

“Many of the students in Latinos in Action are learning English and they are adjusting to the United States. It is often a difficult process. We offer support. We discuss how to live a life in the U.S. including how to dress for an interview. We help them develop basic day to day life skills,” said Jose Morejon, advisor to Latinos in Action.

The Hollywood Hills students tutor children at Davie Elementary, Stirling Elementary, Sheridan Park Elementary and Sheridan Hills. Latinos in Action students are holding a game on Friday during lunch known as Passport that encourages students to learn about Latin American nations.

Melany Sanchez, a member of Latinos in Action was born in Guatemala and remembers how hard it was to learn English. “As a kid I did not speak English and I had to learn it. I am helping children in the ESOL program. I want to help the children learn English and do well in school,” said Sanchez.

Marco Corrales, a secretary of Latinos in Action said, “I enjoy helping children in the community. I like to work with the ESOL students in elementary school,” said Corrales.

The students who are involved in the club take leadership classes and are looking forward to doing volunteer work in the community.

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