Latinos in Action celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month at Hollywood Hills High School

Latinos in Action celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month at Hollywood Hills High School

Latinos in Action is working to promote Hispanic culture at Hollywood Hills High School. The organization has been celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month by presenting dances and parades during lunch periods at the school.

Members showed flags from nations where they or their parents were from.

Members of Latinos in Action are taking classes in leadership. They are tutoring and mentoring elementary school students and helping deal with challenges.

The students are also involved in a wide variety of service projects and they hold various social events during the year. Many of the students were born in various Latin American countries or their parents were. Some struggle to adjust to life in a large high school like Hollywood Hills.

But most make the transition, learn English and go on to do well in high school. Latinos in Action students take a class where they learn basic leadership skills and often develop close friendships, according to Jose Morejon, who teaches the classes. “I want to help the students do well at Hollywood Hills. Some of them area learning English and they are working hard to become successful in high school.”

Maryann Noriega, a classroom president for Latinos in Action said, “I want to show the students at Hollywood Hills the beauty of Latin culture. I to share our music, our food and our community. I love tutoring and mentoring children.”

Noriega has worked to help younger children learn to read. “We read to the children. I help them learn words and letters. I am helping them overcome language barriers. I love helping children.”

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