“Latinos in Action” Truly In Action at Hollywood Hills High

Some of the students at Hollywood Hills High School who participate in the Latinos in Action program actually were born in other countries and came here not even speaking English.  Others were the first American born children in their families.  Whatever their backgrounds, being members of this club of makes them feel more powerful, and they, in turn, want to pass that empowerment onto other Latinos in their schools.

“We want to empower Latin young people and create a community,” said Alexandra Ramos, who teaches two classes for Latinos in Action students at Hollywood Hills High.  “The students are encouraged to perform community service and many move on to top colleges and become successful professionals,” she added proudly.

The Hollywood Hills Latinos in Action students tutor younger students at Stirling Elementary School and Davie Elementary School. They also organize a pageant during the spring. Many of the students who are active in Latinos in Action say it has helped them on many levels.  They love the friends have made in the organization.

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Leaders of Hollywood Hills Latinos in Action

“It helps you grow as a person. I have overcome my shyness and become more outgoing,” said Maylin Marcelo, vice president for the organization. She is planning to attend Florida International University.

Jessenia Vazquez, president of Latinos in Action,  believes she has become more successful through Latinos In Action. “It has helped me grow as a person. I am not as shy as I used to be. I like to interact with all the students in the club,” said Vazquez. She wants to attend Florida Atlantic University.

Alina Mejia, a member, enjoyed participating the pageant last year. “It has helped me blossom as a person,” she believes.

Latinos in Action continues to grow as its members work hard to develop it.

Picture of Author: Amanda Jones
Author: Amanda Jones

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