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In the event Hollywood should experience massive power failure, this spreadsheet will be updated as local restaurants and services re-open for business.

Hollywood Gazette staff will do our best to keep the document updated, and anyone can access and update this document with their information.

Important Phone Numbers

  • Hollywood Police Department non-emergency – 954.764.4357
  • Hollywood Department of Public Utilities – 954.967.4455
  • Broward American Red Cross – 954.797.3800
  • Broward County Emergency Management Hurricane Hotline – 954.831.4000 or 3-1-1
  • Broward County Special Needs Registry – 954.831.3902 / TTY 954.831.3940
  • Humane Society of Broward County Pet Hotline – 954.989.3977
  • FEMA Hotline – 800.621.3362
  • State Attorney General’s Office Price Gouging Hotline – 866.966.7226
  • Florida Division of Insurance Consumer Hotline – 800.342.2762
  • AT&T / Bellsouth, Repairs – 877.737.2478
  • Florida Power & Light – 800.468.8243

As residents begin to clean up after the storm, the City of Hollywood has put together a list of FAQs regarding fallen trees, garbage and debris pickup, the City-wide boil water advisory, power restoration and other topics related to recovery efforts.


QUESTION: FPL Power Outages: I do not have power and want to know when the power will be back on?

ANSWER: You can check out the FPL Power Tracker online and see when and where they are making the repairs. Visit or FPL Power Tracker:

QUESTION: There is a power line/pole down in my yard/alleyway. Do I need to report it?

ANSWER: FPL is aware of power outages affecting entire neighborhoods. However if your home is an isolated power outage, call 1.800.4.OUTAGE (1.800.468.8243).


QUESTION: When will the debris be picked up in our neighborhood?

ANSWER: The City of Hollywood will work diligently to collect the debris as quickly and efficiently as possible. We are unable to offer a specific schedule for debris to be collected for neighborhoods.

QUESTION: How is the City determining where debris gets collected first? Will it be fairly distributed?

ANSWER: The City has been sectored into 8 sections for deploying and tracking debris collection resources. This is to ensure debris removal crews are working in all areas of the City.

QUESTION: Why has my alley not been cleared?

ANSWER: The debris contractors will be clearing alleys, utilizing specialized equipment. We ask for patience while we work through this difficult clean-up effort.

QUESTION: Trees are down in my gated or private community. Why has the City not been here to clear the trees?

ANSWER: The City is working to gain authorization to remove debris in gated communities. Once this approval is obtained, debris from approved gated communities will be collected as debris management contractors collect the debris throughout the City. If you are in a gated community and have questions about the status of this effort, please contact the City of Hollywood’s Emergency Management Coordinator Jaime Hernandez, or 954.921.3053.

QUESTION: When is the City going to clear the alleys/roads?

ANSWER: Trees blocking rights-of-way will be taken care of by the City’s debris management contractors. Efforts are focused on first clearing primary corridors, then secondary roadways, followed by neighborhood streets and alleyways.

QUESTION: Trees in swale (area between the street and sidewalk) fell in resident’s yard (swale to private property). How will the City assist?

ANSWER: The removal of downed trees located in the swale that have fallen onto private property will be addressed after roadways are cleared which could take an extended period of time.

QUESTION: My neighbor’s tree fell in my yard and caused damages to my property. How can the City assist?

ANSWER: This is a civil matter between yourself and your neighbor. During this emergency we will allow ample time for residents to clean up before taking any Code Compliance action.

QUESTION: My tree fell into the alleyway, will I be cited by Code Compliance? Do I need to remove the tree?

ANSWER: You will not be cited by Code Compliance during the storm cleanup period, which will be an extended period of time. Debris contractors for the City will clear debris from public rights-of-way including alleys, but you will need to take care of any portions of the tree on your property.

QUESTION: I don’t have the resources to remove the tree that fell on my house and damaged my property, is there any assistance?

ANSWER: Resources are available through the City’s Community Development Division to assist incomeeligible, low to moderate income (LMI) residents with removing fallen trees and debris only to the extent necessary to make their dwelling habitable. Meaning, that if a fallen tree blocks the entry or exit to your home or has damaged the structure and made it uninhabitable, then the tree can be removed to resolve the situation or to facilitate repair of the affected area in conjunction with the Emergency Housing Repair Program. The key is that assistance from Community Development is available only to LMI residents and the tree debris must affect the dwelling’s habitability. If the caller believes they meet the LMI criteria, they should contact the Community Development Division 954.921.3271.

QUESTION: Will Waste Pro be collecting Garbage/Recycle/Commingled on normal pickup days?

ANSWER: This does not include Recycling and Commingled collections which are suspended at this time. All garbage customers are asked to bring their gray garbage carts to the front of their property until further notice for curbside collection, even if they have an alleyway. All garbage and all storm debris will be picked up at the curb. The City has debris management contractors to collect storm debris. All storm related debris should also be placed curbside at the front of your property. To speed recovery efforts, the City is asking residents to separate downed tree limbs, palm fronds and other brush from bulky items damaged in the storm. These materials will be picked up by the City’s debris contractors as they make their way across the City over the next several weeks. Garbage and all storm debris will be picked up at the curb.

QUESTION: The debris contractors collected my debris, but left the garbage bags I had placed out for collection behind. Will this be collected?

ANSWER: The debris contractors will not collect debris that is placed into plastic bags due to regulations at the disposal site. A separate truck will be around to collect these items or they can be disposed of in your grey garbage cart.

QUESTION: Do I need to separate brush and tree debris from other storm debris like fencing and household items?

ANSWER: Yes, the brush and other vegetative debris is hauled and disposed of separately from other types of debris. Piles that are a mix of brush and other type of non-vegetative storm debris will not be collected as quickly as piles that are separated.

QUESTION: Is there a pile size limit for bulk pick up?

ANSWER: The regularly scheduled commingled collection service will be suspended. Following a storm, the City will retain debris management contractors to collect the storm debris. Storm debris material should be replaced curbside for collection and not in the alley. There is no pile size limit for this storm debris collection. We urge residents not to block the roadway and debris should be cut into 4 foot sections. Tree branches and vegetative debris should be separated from other debris.

QUESTION: Will the City pick up debris placed for collection from businesses/commercial properties?

ANSWER: Debris from businesses/commercial properties will not be collected by the City’s debris management contractors and should not be placed out for collection.

QUESTION: Will I get a refund on my garbage bill due to commingled/garbage/recycling services being suspended?

ANSWER: While these services are being provided on a different timeline than regularly scheduled service due to the volume of the debris, the City will not be issuing refunds.

QUESTION: How can I get more information about debris issues, recycling/garbage cart placement?

ANSWER: The City of Hollywood will send out notifications via the City’s e-mail notification service, NotifyMe, as well as several CodeRed emergency notifications via landline phone, cell phone, email and text message. Please sign up for the City’s notifyme e-mail notification service and Code Red, the City’s emergency notifications service. You can do so on the City’s website www.

QUESTION: Will the City repair a broken sidewalk caused by a fallen tree?

ANSWER: The City of Hollywood annually funds a 50/50 shared cost sidewalk replacement program in partnership with our residents to assist residential property owners with necessary sidewalk repairs for the sidewalk abutting their property. Typical construction costs are approximately $150.00 for a 5’ by 5’ sidewalk section of which the homeowner share would be reduced by 50% to $75.00 per section. Upon request, the City will inspect the sidewalk and provide a firm construction cost estimate for your consideration. Please indicate your interest in the 50/50 sidewalk program and we will follow up to provide you a detailed cost estimate. Should you have any questions, contact Francisco J. Leon, Project Engineer, via email or phone number 954.921.3900.


QUESTION: What kind of assistance is available for Hollywood residents?

ANSWER: Individual Disaster Assistance: FEMA has declared Broward County eligible for individual assistance to help support your recovery. To find out what type of assistance is available, go to

Disaster Assistance For Low To Moderate Income Households: The City’s Community Development Division can provide grants for rental assistance, security deposits, utility deposits, to make interim repairs to stabilize homes, to mitigate water damage and to assist with paying insurance deductibles.

Community Development has implemented a Disaster Housing Repair Strategy funded by State Housing Initiative Partnership (SHIP) funds in order to provide assistance to low- to moderate-income households impacted by Hurricane Dorian. Eligibility is primarily income-based, and total household income cannot exceed $60,950.00 (based on a household size of four).

The City’s Community Development Division can provide grants for rental assistance, security deposit, and utility deposit to income-eligible households that have been temporarily displaced from their home due to Hurricane Dorian. Grants to income-eligible homeowners whose home has been damaged by the hurricane are also available to make interim repairs to stabilize homes and make it habitable. This includes mitigating water damage and drying-in damaged roof. Grants are also available to assist with paying insurance deductible for income-eligible households damaged by Dorian.

Assistance provided through the Community Development Division cannot be used to duplicate assistance provided by other federal/state agencies or private insurance companies.

Applications are available online. You may also call the Community Development Division at 954.921.3271 Monday through Thursday from 7A-6P for additional information. Please bring completed applications to the Community Development Office at City Hall, 2600 Hollywood Boulevard, 2nd floor Room 203.

QUESTION: Will FEMA be in Hollywood?

ANSWER: FEMA Disaster Survivor Assistance Teams (DSAT) will begin visiting Broward County households who have pre-registered online. DSATs provide support to disaster survivors at their homes or in their communities, offering options for how to access programs that can help them move forward in their recovery. DSATS work by grid and are visiting the areas with most storm impact first. DSAT members will be wearing dark blue FEMA vests and must produce a Federal ID. We have not been informed by the county that DSATs have begun working in Hollywood. The county has advised that they will let us know when they begin working in our area. If someone knocks on your door and says they are with FEMA and they do not provide proper identification, please call the FEMA Disaster Fraud Hotline at 866.720.5721.

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