Local Charter School Operators Purchase Property for Long Term Commitment to Serve Hollywood Families

On May 1st, Sunshine Elementary Charter School operators bought the property where
the elementary school and Paragon Academy Middle School have been leasing from ESJ Capital Partners since 2012.

The property, located at: 502 North 28th Avenue in Hollywood sold for $6.7 million. The
36,700-square-foot K-8 school includes six buildings, a vacant church, a cafeteria with a
stage, a large two room portable unit, expansive sports fields, a basketball blacktop
area, all of which sit on more than six acres of gardens, meticulously landscaped grass,
and a canopy of trees. There are currently about 450 students.

The purchase also includes an adjacent church which is currently vacant. Plans for the
future include leasing the church, additional classrooms and building expansion, and

Sunshine Elementary Charter School and Paragon Academy of Technology were
formerly housed at 2210 Pierce St. between 2007 and 2012 when the schools outgrew
that campus and moved to the current location. Since 2012, the student body growth
has been steady and stable necessitating the addition of a new building, 8 new
classrooms, and a portable unit.

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Author: Amanda Jones

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