Mangiare–Mama Mia Style!

twenty-five years the Franco family has operated their family-style Italian
eatery at 1818 South Young Circle in Hollywood.

a menu as vast and varied as Italy itself—Mami Mia offers everything from their
famous veal chop parmigiana to their classic home-style lasagna.

Mia’s kitchen comes with a second-to-none pedigree featuring executive chef
Yukie Horata. This Japanese born and trained maestro (whose name happens to end
in a vowel) is a Le Cordon Bleu trained Master Chef who earned her Italian
cooking chops at La Couisina Tradizionale Italaino.

a Walk-In Wine Cellar featuring over 150 varieties—Mama Mia Italian Ristorante
is a full-fledged Bachallian festival for the palate!

Mia also boasts a couple of superb specials including a daily lunch buffet
($9.95) that offers up everything from seafood to salad, pastas to desserts.
And on Wednesday night it’s all you can eat lobster!

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