Custom Estate Planning Options at Levitt-Weinstein Provide Peace of Mind

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Cemetery Architect Marc Rubin

When it comes to estate planning, people mostly think of practicality. But if you’re Marc Rubin, you also think: personalization.

As the area sales director for Levitt-Weinstein Memorial Chapels and Cemeteries in Hollywood, Rubin says they are different because they listen, and they care. But he’s being modest. Like his title, the words only hint at the service and unique support you’ll receive when you sit down with him for a pre-planning meeting for yourself or a member of your family.

So it’s not surprising to learn that a whopping 92 percent of Levitt-Weinstein’s business is pre-planned. Nor is it surprising to find out that, although his card says he’s in sales, Rubin, the third-generation in his family business, says he’s really a funeral and cemetery architect.

“I specialize in designing people’s personal life-long legacies and making them a reality,” said Rubin who who still works side by side with his father.

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Marc Rubin and his father

Rubin enjoys the creativity inherent in the design aspect of the business, always asking questions to get a feel for what the family really wants. The end result is a memorial that is more a reflection of the life and personality of the loved one.

“They don’t have to look like the every day grave out there. This can look like your home or your estate, something that when people come to visit, they don’t have to think of sadness.”

“For instance,” he recalled, “I had a woman, she was an airline pilot. As soon as she told me that I said, ‘boom!’ and I started drawing. I created a mausoleum for her that looked like a runway, and she absolutely loved it.” He designed another one for a tennis player where the patio was a court and the bench was a racquet that you can actually sit on.

Rubin’s passion for facilitating custom solutions for each family is palpable, and his soft demeanor is perfect for the setting and the specialized clientele he serves.

Levitt Weinstein stretches far beyond its frontage on North 72nd Avenue to accommodate resting places from traditional through large “estates” at all prices.

There are even private areas overlooking lakes. And the company’s other properties in and out of the area offer attractive options for families of all sizes and income levels.

“My specialty is these designs, but of course, we take care of everybody,” he emphasized. “And not be the grim reaper, but you have to be honest with people. I’m not telling you to go out and make a pre-arrangement for a 20-year-old, but once you get to over 50, you need to be smart.”

And, after a lifetime in the business, he knows. So, Rubin does seminars and speaking engagements to groups around the area about the importance of estate planning, with his focus of course on the pre-planning phase, after the wills and trusts have been sorted out.

In addition, the family has created a pre-planning guide that gives you a place to put all the information your family needs in one place.

“You want to spare your family the aggravation later, spare them this burden on this, possibly the worst day of their lives,” Rubin added. “We try to make things easy for people and give them some peace of mind.”

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Author: Amanda Jones
Author: Amanda Jones

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