Marine Safety Chief Recommends Fewer Restrictions for Stand-Up Paddle Boarders

Hollywood to offer more areas for stand up paddle boarding

People who enjoy stand up paddle boarding off the beach along Hollywood Beach will soon have a larger area to do it and will face fewer restrictions.

During a recent meeting, Bruce Wilkie, Marine Safety Chief for Hollywood Fire Rescue and Beach Safety gave a presentation on recommended changes for stand up paddle boarding.

Under the recommendations stand up paddle boards and kayaks will be allowed to launch and paddle unrestricted until 10 a.m. as it has been during the pilot program.

In the recreation areas kayaks and stand up paddle boards are allowed at all times.

In the areas outside the recreational areas paddlers must remain 100 yards from the shore after 10 a.m. The restricted area is a small section on central Hollywood Beach between Liberty Street and Madison Street. Stand up paddle boarding will not be permitted there within 100 yards of the shore from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Kayaks and stand up paddle boards may also launch after 5 p.m. throughout the year if conditions present don’t preclude it. Reasons might include larger numbers of bathers and dangerous conditions. The bathing limit remains 50 yards from shore.

This follows efforts by stand up paddle boarders who believed they were unfairly restricted from pursuing their sport off Hollywood Beach.

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Author: Amanda Jones

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