May Municipal News Briefs

  • Sidewalks improvements for Hollywood Gardens West

    Work is about to get underway on sidewalk improvements in the Hollywood Gardens West community and on Taft Street from North 20th Avenue to North 14 Avenue. Construction will begin on June 5, 2018, and be complete in the Spring of 2019.The Florida Department of Transportation, in partnership with the Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and the City of Hollywood, has awarded a contract to Horizon Contractors, Inc. for these sidewalk improvements.

    The work will include updating striping on the existing roadway to provide up to 7-foot bike lanes in each direction on Columbus Parkway and Glenn Parkway from south of Johnson Street to the south of Tyler Street. There will be the adding of sharrow pavement markings (share the road arrows) on N 58 Avenue from Johnson Street to Hollywood Boulevard, Lincoln Street and Polk Street from SR 7 to N 56 Avenue and Taft Street from N 20 Avenue to N 14 Avenue and the constructing new sidewalks and repairing damaged sidewalks.

    There will be the modifying and adding drainage structures and regrading swale areas and the relocating of mailboxes and fences, and removing trees as needed to accommodate the proposed improvements. There will be the installing light poles and signs throughout the project limits.

    Access to properties will be maintained and flaggers will direct traffic around the work zone. Information about lane closures and construction work hours will be provided in the weekly traffic report distributed by FDOT, according to Dayana Diaz, community outreach specialist for FDOT Broward Construction.

  • Changes to Hollywood City Charter up for a vote in November

    The Hollywood Commission agreed to place charter review items on the November Ballot. This includes a new preamble to the city charter. There will be a requirement that the Commission conducts citizen comments in each calendar month in which the commission holds a regular meeting. There will be a requirement to disclose when a commission member had knowledge of another commission member’s voting conflict of interest and to prohibit the city commission and members from giving members and making requests of city employees except for designees of the city manager or city attorney.An item involves amending the city charter to clarify that the sale or other disposition of a city-owned golf course must be approved by the city’s electors, subject to approval by the electorate at a referendum to be held on November 6.

    Other items to be considered involve changes to the conduct of elections and referendums and matters involving the city manager and city attorney.

  • Hollywood Commission votes to uphold the denial of vacation rental license

    The Hollywood Commission considered an appeal of the denial of a vacation rental license for a property located at 929 North Southlake Drive during the May 16 meeting. A number of people who live near the home that was being used as a party house complained about the very loud parties that had take place before the license was terminated. They brought pictures and told stories of huge crowds, loud events, lots of drugs and alcohol and other problems. A lawyer representing the owner asked that the commission grant the owner another chance. And managers representing the owner also spoke asking for another chance. The Commission spent little time considered the matter and voted to uphold the denial.

  • Hollywood Commission approves purchases

    The Hollywood Commission approved a number of major financial transactions during a recent meeting.It agreed to allow city leaders to accept the Areawide Council on Aging of Broward County grant in the amount of $228,000 to provide enhanced senior citizen recreation programs.

    The Commission agreed to a contract with BLDM USA for construction services related to Lift Station A-5 upgrade located at 333 Briarwood Circle. The contract is for $780,000.

    It agreed to renew a purchase order with Craig Smith and Associates for locating and marking underground facilities in an estimated annual amount of $300,000.

    The Commission approved an agreement with Reynolds Construction for the permanent emergency repairs to the 60-inch ocean outfall pipeline inside West Lake Village Community along West Lake Drive at Scarlet Oak Street, at Satinleaf Street and possibly at River Birch Street to be compensated on a time and material basis.

    It agreed to allow city leaders to approve blanket purchase orders with Calvin, Giordano & Associates and C.A.P. Government for inspection and plan review services in an estimated cumulative amount of $800,000.

    It agreed to approve the purchase of a John Deere 9009a Terraincut Mower in the amount of $63,511.

  • Hollywood Commission approves property sales

    The Hollywood Commission approved a number of sales of city-owned properties during a recent meeting.It approved the sale of a property located at 7508 Grant Court to Sunrise Lake Homes in the amount of $269,900. It approved the sale of a property located at 901 North 70 Terrace to Haydar Life Corporation in the amount of $178,000 and the sale of a property located at 1936 Garfield Street to Wales Village in the amount of $165,000. It approved the sale of a property at 2131 Cleveland Street to Reef Properties in the amount of $144,900.

    The Commission also approved an agreement with Hispanic Unity of Florida to provide Housing Counseling Services in an amount not to exceed $20,563.

  • New Work planned for the airport

    There are big construction plans in the works at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. Currently, the airport is one of the fastest growing in the United States and serves about 32.5 million passengers a year and this number will increase in the coming years.Recently a workshop was held to show and allow for discussion about upcoming construction plans. There will be major work on the terminals. There extensive work on the terminals and connectors. There will be $376 million spent on Terminal 1 and  $177 million spent on Terminal 2 and $257 million spent on Terminal 3 and $649 million spent on Terminal 4. There will be more gates for the airplanes. A goal is to create a center so people could make easier connections to trains and the cruise ships at Port Everglades.

    Much of this will make the longer stays cruise passenger face before boarding airplanes for home more comfortable. They will have easier access to concourses with large selections of restaurants and other amenities, according to Greg Meyer, spokesperson for the airport.

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