Mayoral candidate Patricia Asseff to run in 2016 election

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Hollywood Commissioner (District 1) Patricia Asseff is running for Mayor of Hollywood. She has been a member of the Commission since 2008 and has lived in the City for 48 years. She has been in the real estate industry for 30 years and owns a real estate company. She believes her experience on the commission has given her valuable insight into the internal workings of the City.

“I believe we need to beautify the City’s neighborhoods. We are an older and built out city. I see a great deal of potential for Hollywood and I believe it is important that we bring more businesses to the City. We need to revive the City’s downtown section,” said Asseff.

She believes that as a Mayor she can be effective in improving the City’s financial situation. She believes in the City’s employees and would like to see them receive better salaries for their efforts. “We have great employees,” she said.

Asseff is also concerned about the amount of flooding taking place in the coastal areas. She wants to take steps to protect the properties along the beach from encroaching tides. “I want to protect our city against rising tides and coastal flooding,” she said.

“I see great potential for the City of Hollywood,” said Asseff. “I want to improve our economic base and bring in more commercial entities on our corridors.” 

To date, mayoral hopefuls include Patricia Asseff, Dick Blattner, Itzhack Feldman, Joshua Levy and Eleanor Sobel.

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