McArthur and Hollywood Hills Students participate in robotics competition

Students from McArthur and Hollywood Hills High Schools participated in the Mission Mayhem robotics competition at Dillard High School. They were among about 24 teams from schools throughout South Florida participating in an off-season competition. The teams were using robots that were built last year and were expected to program them to place gears, fuel in an airship and climb a rope.

The Spartrons 4417 robotics club at Hollywood Hills High School.

Hollywood Hills entered its Spartrons 4471. “This gives the kids a chance to learn from what the team did last year. The new students can see how the systems work and the students have done well in competitions,” said Deb Houts, advisor to the Spartrons.

The students will begin work on designing, building and then programming a new robot in January.

Adrian Marimon, a member of the Spartrons has done much of the programming work. He enjoys fixing problems on the robots.

The FRC 4592 Mighty Mechanical Mustangs the robotics club at McArthur High School

FRC 4592 The Mighty Mechanical Mustangs also enjoyed being a part of the competition. “The kids are being exposed to technology while gaining valuable experience,” said Ron Callis, mentor to the team.

Taryn Bradley has been involved the business portion of the Mighty Mechanical Mustangs.

Members of the robotics team are learning valuable technical skills that will help them prepare for careers.

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Team 4471 – Spartrons’ robot named ‘ZEROG’ that was used in the 2017 South Florida Regional held March 1-4.
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