McArthur Defeats Hollywood Hills to win District Championship

The McArthur High School Basketball Team won a district championship on the evening of February 13. The Mustangs defeated Hollywood Hills 60 to 44 to win the game. They begin the regional playoffs next week.

The McArthur High School Boys Basketball Team defeated Hollywood Hills 60 to 44 to win the district championship last Thursday, February 13. The game went back and forth, for the most part, but later in the game, McArthur pulled ahead to get the win.

Jordan Howard led Mustangs with 18 points. Coach Warren Gale said Isaiah Gissendanner played very well.

“We played well tonight and it was good to win. We will have to stay focused to continue winning,” he said.

McArthur defeats Hollywood Hills to win district championship
McArthur Coach Warren Gale with District Championship Trophy after his team beat Hollywood Hills.

This game was part of the 2020 Boys Basketball District Championship Tournaments – 6A District 15@McArthur.

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