McArthur defensive players are playing well and getting recruited by college teams

Mcarthur defensive players are playing well and getting recruited by college teams

The McArthur High School football team is doing well and getting better. The Mustangs have a very good defensive unit and have prevented two teams, University School and South Broward, from scoring any points.

Coach Pierre Senatus is proud of the team and believes they could advance far in the state playoffs.

The defensive effort is led by Ruben Hyppolite. He is a senior linebacker and will enroll at the University of Maryland in January where he will begin pursuing a college education and a college football career.

Senatus is very impressed with Hyppolite. “He is very consistent and has a professional mindset. He is a very good football player,” said Senatus.

Hyppolite believes a disciplined approach to football will lead to success. “I spend a lot of time studying films of my opponents. I put in a lot of work to be a good football player. I also work hard on conditioning during the offseason. I am looking forward to playing football at the college level,” he said.

Kevin Knowles is a junior who plays defensive back. He is being recruited by Clemson, Maryland and Pennsylvania State. “It takes a lot of heart to be a good football player. We need to play well as a unit,” he said.

Isaiah Finnie is a junior who plays outside linebacker. He is being recruited by the University of Miami. “I like the contact of football. To play linebacker you have to have confidence. It is important to work hard at practice,” he said.

“They are playing with a chip on their shoulder. They have been written off and told they were not as good. The team is proving everyone wrong by playing well,” said Senatus.

The Mustangs recently beat South Broward 37 to 0. Vamir Cadet scored two touchdowns. Jaylen Taylor scored a touchdown. Horace Atkins, Jr. played well at quarterback.

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