McArthur Mustangs Win District Championship; Qualify for State Playoffs

Mcarthur football wins district championship; qualify for state playoffs

The McArthur High School football team has won its district championship. This means the Mustangs will qualify for a place in the state playoffs.

Coach Pierre Senatus is pleased with the team and believes they could go far in the state playoffs. They recently defeated Cooper City.

Many of the players will receive college football scholarships. There are many underclassmen on the team who are continuing to improve and could lead the team to greater success next year.

Ruben Hyppolite has been a major factor on defense. Isaiah Finnie is a top player who is developing into a top athlete. Vemir Cadet took over at quarterback at about mid-season and has played very well.

Senatus knows that to advance in the state playoffs will mean the team must step up and play better. He also knows that teams with athletes who have played in state championship games are simply better prepared than those who have not.

“I am taking it one game at a time,” said Senatus. “If we play well we can win. But we have to avoid making mistakes. Our players need the experience of playing in a big game.”

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